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Innovative Technology: Essential to Mitigate Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Starlyn Hiraldo

The world that we are currently living in has advanced in terms of technology than compared to previous years.Technology has helped mitigate the ongoing problem of climate change such as the usage of solar power, electric vehicles, carbon capture and storage, etc. These resources are essential for the mitigation of climate change because it is extremely useful to this day. You should  imagine a world where people use renewable energy daily yet understanding the importance of recycling and reusing water bottles, straws, bags, etc. This solution helps solve the issue of  climate change by slowing down the rapid increase in atmospheric temperature on the Earth. Our grandkids shouldn’t live in a world where similar issues of climate change exist.  We can transition into using innovative technologies that combat climate change as well as saving resources, money, and time. However, in order to accomplish this goal, we must educating ourselves on how we should use our resources efficiently.

The solar panel was invented in 1954 by Bell Labs and it is “an electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect, which is a physical and chemical phenomenon.” It can cost between $14,000 to $17,000 to install in your household depending on the areas that you live and amount of power you use. However, it can still save you up to 90% on utility bills each month which increases property value, tax benefits, and federal tax credit. You would essentially save money over the years as well as helping the planet. Currently, the estimated amount of solar energy collectively in the U.S. is to be “counterbalance as much as 16.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide a year.” In my opinion, if  building owners in NYC use solar panels as a natural resource, then it would contribute to the planet considering NYC is one of the biggest cities in the world. Therefore, we should educate ourselves on the value of using renewable energy since climate change is discussed by world leaders. There hasn’t been much change of our nations so I believe the next next generation must focus on fixing the climate change disaster created from previous leaders.

One of the most important innovations created in the past few years has been the electric car. In my opinion, the usage of the electric car has mitigated climate change. The car runs on electricity which saves fossil fuel yet it can be recharged with renewable energy like solar panels. It essentially is a symbiotic relationship benefiting everyone. The planet should undergo change because “every gallon of gasoline burned created about 8,887 grams of CO2.” This results in 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year. If you imagine at least 50% of the world’s transition to electric/hybrid cars, it would cut the emissions of CO2 immense percentage. I understand that electric and hybrid cars are expensive, but I believe it will be more accessible for us in the future. Additionally, it is economically efficient by helping us save money. It’s just a matter of time until we transition to this method. In the meantime, we can help reduce climate change by recycling and using reusable things like metal straws, reusable bags, metal cups for water, etc. These contributions will help over time for the better of the world.

Today, innovative technology has taken over and will be the salvation of this world once we continue to pledge to preserve our planet. Once you purchase your dream home, you should consider buying solar panels instead of buying a new couch and TV because you will save money and help the planet. Let’s contribute to the planet by doing small things in order to save the world around us!



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