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Electric Vehicles Are The Solution of Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Zin Win Ko

If the world wants to avoid frequent extreme weather occurrences, it must drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This requires using renewable energy sources and using decarbonizing transportation, which accounts for nearly a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 are from transportation vehicles such as cars, ships, trains, etc. Over 90% of these vehicles used petroleum which emits CO2. That is the most greenhouse gas emitted sector in the U.S. Along with the growth of electric vehicles, in my opinion, the benefits of climate change is the reduced emission of greenhouse gases from petroleum based vehicles and technological advancement from battery usage.

The most significant advantage of electric automobiles is the improvement of air quality in rural areas. Pure electric automobiles create no carbon dioxide emissions when driving because they do not have a tailpipe. This significantly minimizes air pollution.

Despite the usage of solar energy or wind energy as a renewable source of energy, the planet will eventually need a medium that can store energy. ┬áIn my opinion, battery usage is the most efficient method to storing energy because battery production can distribute electricity. For example, Elon Musk’s Gigafactory uses a lithium-ion battery production in enormous size. According to the conversation between Elon Musk and Leonardo DiCaprio, we only need 10 Gigafactories to distribute electricity to the whole world. It has led to a massive improvement in lithium-ion battery storage which in my opinion, is the future of sustainable energy.

Overall, climate change is a problematic issue that could be solved with the reduction of greenhouse gases. I personally believe that electric vehicles are the future for the next generation worldwide. One day, the impact of climate change would be massive if we could use all the transportation vehicles in the world with batteries.




How electric vehicles offered hope as climate challenges grew

Factcheck: How electric vehicles help to tackle climate change




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  1. Electric vehicles use electricity, the biggest significance is that the energy source is more extensive. It can be converted from wind energy, water energy, coal combustion, nuclear power, light energy, tides, etc, and is no longer limited to just one way of converting biofuel combustion. Moreover, the use of electric energy is divided into high and low. Human activities, which are very intensive during the day, require a lot of energy. At night, energy consumption drops, but it is still necessary to maintain a level of power output. There is a lot of energy being wasted. If this part of the energy can be stored and eventually released, the whole society will benefit greatly.

    Therefore, the key is not the conversion efficiency of electric energy, nor the development capacity of the storage method. The key is that this method builds a new loop in the entire human society’s energy use chain. It makes the development efficiency of energy in the whole society more efficient. The development of science and technology is to achieve this efficient goal step by step with solid progress. It is believed that there will be more high-performance energy storage materials in the future. More efficient conversion forms.

  2. I agree with your position that electric vehicles are part of the solution to fight against climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions contribute immensely to climate change, therefore if we work together as a society we can slowly control the emissions. Individuals need to understand the risk our planet faces due to these gasses. If we continue in the same path there will be severe consequences, such as extreme weather, poor quality of air, increased animal and plant extinction as well as extreme costs for the future generations. However, we can influence the levels of emissions released if we work together. The sales of electric vehicles continues to expand across our nation, since 90% of vehicles emit CO2 changing their power source will give us an advantage. As you stated the most significant advantage of electric automobiles is the improvement of air quality, this is extremely important because clean air can lessen the possibility of disease, lung cancer, respiratory illnesses and the list continues on. I also agree with your opinion that battery usage is the most efficient due to the fact that it can contribute electricity. We must learn to adapt and mitigate accordingly, energy-stored technology has to be incorporated into our everyday essentials in order to take action against climate change. Taking urgent action against climate change will have many benefits such as improved health, reduced threats to the way we live. Therefore, I agree with your perspective that climate change is an extremely problematic issue that can be solved with the reduction of greenhouse gasses, using electric vehicles and energy stored technology.

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