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My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Kaela Soraya Barzola


In my opinion, the problem of climate change is extremely concerning. As individuals who inhabit Earth must respond to the effects of climate change with urgency before it is too late. This issue is captivating because all aspects of our lives will be impacted severely due to the drastic changes in our atmosphere. The ramification will result in damages to our homes, our infrastructure and much more. However, if we adapt as well as mitigate as a country and continue our efforts, we will be able to make a change. It is significant that we must comprehend the effects climate change have in our lives. Therefore, we understand how to approach and respond to these changes.

Climate change is defined as “a long term change in the average weather patterns that have come to define Earth’s local, regional, and global climates” according to NASA. Greenhouse gasses contribute as one of the main implications of climate change. Due to a strong positive feedback, the climate will intensify. As greenhouse gasses increase, heat will be trapped therefore, increasing the global temperature. The effects are dangerous leading to more evaporation from ocean and plants which increases the global temperature. This  loop is expected to continue. The Earth’s lower atmospheric temperature is expected to increase by at least 4º C, primarily caused by the rise of greenhouse gasses. Scientists have predicted fewer mild days worldwide, with the Tropic affected greatly. This weather change is attributed to climate warming from the buildup of greenhouse gas emissions. There are many solutions to the problem concerning climate change such as choosing to walk or ride a bike instead of using a vehicle. Additionally, we could  turn off the lights in our households to minimize the use of electricity, as well as encouraging the use of solar panels. The United States should respond to climate change by mitigating, therefore resorting to alternative energy production, international agreements, managing water supply, and being conservative with energy usage.

Climate change should be alarming to every individual, because the longer we wait to respond to the changes, the harder it will be to reverse the effects. However, if our country unites in adapting and mitigating in order to prevent global warming, we will not experience several of the climate change effects. These effects have included a higher Earth temperature, increased mild days in the Northern Hemisphere, and loss of milder days in the Tropics. The winter will be affected drastically with the Arctic ceasing to have ice, less snow in North America, and a possible end to the winter. The effects on climate change on hurricanes are already present, as indicated in the 2017 snow storm. As a result, hurricanes will grow stronger. Additionally, scientists predict that there will be humid weather in Africa leading to  forest fires,  heat waves, longer summers, and warmer nights. If people start to make changes to help our atmosphere over time, we can make a difference. We can reverse the effects of climate change by saving electricity, or managing our water supply. This is if people can unite and stay consistent.












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