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Can Earth Adapt to a Changing Planet? by City Tech Blogger Nasir McIntosh

In the year 2022, most people over the age of 10 are familiar with or have heard about global warming. Global warming is the process in which natural and anthropogenic activities make the Earth’s atmosphere warmer. Despite the use of natural resources, humans have been emitting more greenhouse gasses after industrialization. Greenhouse gasses are the top gasses that harness the most heat, but surprisingly water vapor is amongst the strongest gasses. The evaporation cycle have increased atmospheric temperatures slightly, but anthropogenic originated greenhouse gasses have sped up the heating process. Can humans revert the effects of global warming? Can we decrease our emissions of greenhouse gasses enough? Here are my thoughts on those questions, and global warming itself.

Global warming has been a controversial topic that has been discussed on various forms of media such as the news, articles, etc. Humans have depicted of global warming as a severe issue, but what is it exactly? Humans visualize global warming as a negative process because we are endangering a countless number of species within the cryosphere. However, we primarily see this as a negative process because of how it can affect us personally. Oceanic levels are projected to surpass our coastlines in as little as a century, posing a threat to major coastal cities and inland areas below the current sea level. Warmer atmospheres can led to devastating weather patterns. We scramble to decrease greenhouse gas emissions to prevent catastrophe. In my opinion, there isn’t many options to prevent the predicted future of global warming.. The effects of global warming are inevitable, but we can prolong these drastic changes. We need to fully committed ourselves to solving the issue of climate change even if that means sacrificing everything that allowed the human race to thrive. From electricity, to travel and trade, industry, health care, even traditional barbeques. Things we simply cannot live without.

I don’t intend to come off as ignorant or coldhearted, but we act like planet Earth is a stranger to change. The countries used to be a supercontinent, and that supercontinent used to be an ice sculpture. Our planet is billions of years old and  has gone through many phases, but has yet to endure all of its phases. I’m all for the survival of life on Earth, especially ours. However, we should prioritize thinking of ways to adapt to future ecosystems rather than panicking about the future. Sea levels will continue to rise, and ice sheets will disappear eventually, the only solution is to prepare ourselves for the inevitable. My mentality has definitely played a role in what I’ve said, and it’s difficult to explain. In simple terms, “It is what it is, so deal with it”.





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