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My Take on Climate Change By City Tech Blogger Shuaixiang Feng

For me, climate change is not far away from our lives. We can always feel its difference, such as the change of temperature. 2022 is my sixth year in NYC, and I felt the weather was more extreme than before. The summer of 2021 and the winter until now made me feel so different. In the summer of 2021, a person will get his t-shirt soaked while walking two blocks away from his house. The average temperatures during June and July were very high. Heat waves occured in the USA and Canada during summer. From a news show, the government of Canada identified “569 heat-related deaths from June 20th to July 29th.” [1] [2] Also, from the winter of 2021 to right now, the temperature always slows down to 20 ℉. The temperature difference demonstrates climate change surrounding the people who live on the Earth. On the other hand, I worry that we don’t have many technologies to delay climate change. Numerous factors move to the third-world country because of the lower cost. The climate change level will only be more severe in the next decade. If I must choose a solution to climate change, looking at another planet for humans is better than changing or restoring the climate. In my opinion, the space has uncountable resources and opportunities. The cost of repairing the environment in the future should be lower than doing right now. The difference is similar to the cost of time and money to establish a hall in medieval and compared with building a theater right now. Space may have an answer for climate change.


[1] “Canada: Disastrous Impact of Extreme Heat.” Human Rights Watch, 30 Oct. 2021, https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/10/05/canada-disastrous-impact-extreme-heat#.

[2] Tailesin, Julia. “What to Know about the Heat Wave Expected to Hit Boston This Week.” Boston.com, The Boston Globe, 9 Aug. 2021, https://www.boston.com/news/weather/2021/08/09/heat-wave-august-11-12-13-what-to-expect-meteor-shower/.

image:  https://insideclimatenews.org/news/16052021/extreme-heat-risks-climate-change/


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