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My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger The Urban Environmentalist

Climate change is a term that refers to the “deterioration of the earth’s environmental circumstances.” This occurs as a result of a variety of internal and environmental circumstances. Over the last few decades, climate change has become a global concern. Additionally, climatic variations have had effects on life on the planet which includes ecology and the ecosystem. As a result, numerous plant and animal species have become extinct. An individual person can insist on the government taking strong, ambitious climate action. But one can also contribute to increasing climate ambition by decorating your community with climate art, utilize energy prudently, make dietary changes that are more climate-friendly, green the commute, and invest in renewable energy and phase out fossil fuels. These steps may contribute to greater solutions for the current problem of climate change. Our government needs to continue planning because it may difficult ending our society’s dependency on fossil fuels and transitioning to renewable energy. Therefore, government action is necessary to respond to climate change. The United Kingdom was the world’s first country to establish a legally enforceable national commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Likewise, there are many actions that can be implemented as a solution for climatic change



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