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My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Jeraldy Garcia

Climate change is a worldwide issue that has negatively affected our planet. Additionally, it has been an major reason for the change in unusual temperatures. One cause of climate change is the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. These greenhouse gases which include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor and are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere,  are caused by human activities. These activities consist of deforestation, the use of fossil fuels, burning coal to create electricity, manufacturing of goods, accumulation of waste, etc. Companies are aware of the climate change but requiring them to change the way they operate will be too costly. It is economically insufficient for them because it can led to the company losing money. Humans are aware that this is a major concern but aren’t creating solutions to decreasing greenhouse gases.

Climate change has many different effects that have negatively impacted us such as an increase and decrease in temperatures, rising sea levels, increase in precipitation, and increased ocean temperatures. Rising sea levels are one effect that has been documented and continuously studied. Rising sea levels seem to be coming from the glaciers from the arctic melting and from the heat of the ocean causing the water to expand. Scientists are predicting that the sea levels will keep rising for the next 80 years. Climate.gov stated “In the 2022 report, the task force concluded that even on the pathway with the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions and warming (1.5 degrees C), global mean sea level would rise at least 0.3 meters (1 foot) above 2000 levels by 2100.” The conclusion was that even if greenhouse gas is at its lowest, the effect of climate change would still lead to sea levels rise at a minimum of one foot. It is observed that half of the population of the US live in the coastal area which will have a negative effect on our civilization and future even if the world changes.





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