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My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Zhenghua Li

To this day, climate change is a familiar word to people. In the last two centuries, human society has changed and is developing very fast. It has also caused a lot of damage to the environment: many species went extinct and many green and forested regions faded away on the map. This series of events caused a chain effect that accelerated climate change and made our living environment get worse. Fewer rainforests will decrease the oxygen and create more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which may cause the temperature of the earth to increase and the climate to become abnormal. To change the climate, people should plant more trees and protect animals that could build up a healthy ecosystem for our earth. A better ecosystem could minimize drought, flooding, and tsunamis. Trees could grab the soil and strengthen the mountain, which also could prevent mountain slides, and if people plant trees around a city that is near the ocean, it could also become a wall that could block floods caused by sea level rise and destructive tsunamis that have wiped out our cities. Maybe many of us won’t enjoy the benefits of our efforts to slow climate change since climate change is a long-term goal. But we could build a better living environment for our future generations, and this is going to be the best gift for our children.

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  1. I agree with many of the points that you have touched upon. For example how you brought up deforestation, that is definitely a major topic that needs to be more of a concern. Additionally, I liked how you mentioned a “chain effect”, I feel as if many things get overlooked and people are stumped sometimes not knowing what the next correct move might be. But what they fail to do is look back and see if there is an underlying issue that could be the reason for a decrease in oxygen for example. Many things work hand in hand and it’s important to make sure every thing that can be done in order to help the world prosper is being done, or else humans and every all land species are in for trouble that they can not handle. Building a better living environment won’t be easy but I completely agree with you!

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