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Climate Change and it’s Many Impacts by City Tech Blogger Andres Arguinzones


As a young man who likes to travel with my dad, climate change really affects everything of what question five says. There’s a lot of history that went on many years ago, museums containing artifacts of those events, so no matter what country people go to, the weather will change almost every day. So there’s a lot of things I am going to talk about of how climate change affects every single thing like agriculture, tourism, the poor.

The first thing I am going to talk about is agriculture. Climate change affects mostly with agriculture because the crops that are planted in the field are destroyed by anything. In the news, I heard of a devastating news of crops wiped out and everything that was planted is gone and wasted, so it is  devastating to see that on the news because of how much people worked for this and to produce this stuff for their families and for people who are traveling and exploring for the first time to try out their food, so it’s unfortunate to see that. Agriculture has been here on this planet for a long time and is gone through the worse of the worse in the centuries passed by so it’s been through a lot for a long time, and no one knows how’s the climate going to be in the future so let’s see what happens, hopefully nothing devastated happens to affect the crops and everything produced from the people who plant and work in the food industry.

The next thing I am going to talk about is tourism. Since the pandemic began last year, there hasn’t been a lot of tourism  because we got the vaccines, and some countries are allowing tourists to visit for the first time before the pandemic happens. Climate change can affect this because of any natural disaster that can occur in a big city. Throughout the years, we have seen earthquakes, tsunamis, and flooding occurring in popular cities where there are a lot of tourists. There is a feeling that there are going to be more natural disasters in the future because scientists are studying  this type of stuff and showing the progress of when that event is going to happen, hopefully whatever it is, it won’t happen because you know, the natural disasters that are seen on tv or filmed on video are extremely dangerous and can destroy cities and kill a lot of people including tourists, so climate change plays a big role on tourism and probably the buildings destroyed and the help from the government to repair the damage is going to cost them billions of dollars to repair so my advice to tourists traveling, be careful and protect your family and loved ones who are with you because climate change is occurring more and more as we go on.

The last thing I am going to talk about is the city’s residents so like people who are workers, farmers, and poor people who have no homes but sleep outside in the streets. It is hard to say that climate change can affect these people because of how powerful  itis. A lot of disasters that occur can damage a lot of houses, stores, and crops that are planted. It can cost money and affect the whole city where the natural disasters are happening so it plays a big role for these city residents and there is nothing they can do except for, going home so you can be safe, and don’t go out, have anything that you need for your house. It is  unfortunate to see this happening on tv or hearing in the news because we all know the people are suffering and need help from the government and from  other countries. In the future, there is going to be flooding, storms, and tsunamis that will strike a city and devastate everything and it’s going to impact everything there. For the things that I said about climate change affecting a lot of things, my recommendation is if any are residents are living in an area where they are  experiencing the most violent natural disasters, be extremely safe, protect yourselves and your families, and don’t go out when the day of the disaster comes.


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