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Storms and Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Andres Arguinzones

Climate change has affected my country, America, effectively in an intense way. There had been most days where it’s sunny and beautiful and other days where it has been raining almost every day in each week, so it’s kind of crazy of what is going on so far. This past summer, mostly everyday was either it’s raining or too hot. I have never seen this before for the time I have lived in New York. Every time I checked the weather on my phone, it will say 40% to 60% percent chance of rain and it will rain very heavy accompanied by thunderstorms. The last thing is we have seen tropical storms every two weeks because of climate change and it’s crazy but we don’t get consecutive tropical storms, so that is odd.

The risks and threats that our country is facing is in the winter time which is right around the corner.  Some weather experts and data shows this winter could be a wild one because of  frigid temperatures and a lot of snowstorms; there is a lot of risk and for people who have to commute to go to work or travel, then it’s going to be tough for them. Summer is the worst for climate change and winter is even more worse because of the snow and the polar vortex so there is going to be a lot of problems during this winter because in every season of winter, there are always problems. For me personally, I have been affected by climate change but physically. I remember I survived many hurricanes or snowstorms, and I was lucky that nothing got damaged or destroyed in my house, so everything was in good shape. I have walked through snowstorms and it’s bizarre because of the wind and snow blowing on my face is depressing and it hurts so but at least I got through it safely without any harm, so that was a good sign.

Storms are changing with climate change, mostly that is the most impact in climate change because it happens all around the world, not just our country so storms are very powerful could get worse in the future. Storms occur in hot and very warm areas in some parts of the world: the hot air can produce a storm bringing lightning, heavy rain, and flooding. Storms can occur in the winter time as well because of the snow and ice filling the streets, making hard for commuters or workers getting to work, which can be is very difficult. Most recently in October when it’s the time to get coats out and have fun is the time we need to prepare ourselves for the winter. Climate change is having a more direct impact.

In conclusion, the way people should be prepared for the stronger storms of climate change  is to be alert of the oncoming storm and have everything you  need for your house so you don’t have to go out. Stay home and be safe with your family; the storm will last for a day or two, so after that, you can be outside doing your thing. Be cautious of your surroundings, and if you’re driving during a big storm, then drive safely and don’t get into a car accident, so be prepared.





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