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Moody Weather

When someone generally thinks of the weather, one’s thoughts focus on if it might start raining soon? Does it seem cloudy outside? Is it too cold outside? Is it too warm outside? Why does today feel so humid? Then there are times where the weather seems out of place, an individual would find it odd, for example, that much snow was lying around in late spring or no snow at all during all of winter.

What is a probable cause for such strange weather behavior? The reason behind these weather patterns is most likely climate change. Climate change is when weather is different than the average weather conditions. And now more and more people are becoming aware of its terrible effects; rising sea levels from melting mountain glaciers, deadly heat waves, heavy storms, fires breaking out in the wilderness, floods/droughts, etc.

Since it’s such a serious issue, what are some ways people can help resolve climate change? Reduce plastic usage, the amount of litter has unhealthy impact that kills wildlife and makes the climate warmer. Gas emissions coming from one’s vehicle deteriorate the o-zone, making the lovely sun into a danger ray. Plants are important, and trees play a big part in our survival so it would only make sense that we take care of trees; sure, there are a lot, but that does not mean they won’t go extinct if the masses aren’t careful.


image: https://www.wsp.com/en-KW/insights/climate-change-extreme-weather-events-and-the-highway-system


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