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Climate Change in New York City

Climate change is a topic that’s always in debate, whether it’s real or not. Let me say that climate change is real, and it’s occurring more than usual. First, what is climate change? Climate change is a pattern change in the weather we see each day of each season. It can be abnormal weather or unexpected storms, floods, hotter summers, colder winters. Climate change occurs naturally, and humans play a part in climate change.

New York City, for example, on September 1st, 2021, witnessed flooding resulting from  Hurricane Ida. New York City was not ready for the damage Hurricane Ida caused. According to Tom Wrobleski, a writer for silive.com, “Ida showed how far we have to go. Basement flooded. Streets became lakes. Homes suffered incalculable damage. Cars were engulfed.”

The New York City subway system  was most severely damaged because it’s under the street. People rely on the New York City subway to get to work, school, and home. Trains were shut down due to flooding from the hurricane. There were cases where people died because of Hurricane Ida. Climate change will continue to occur, and there could potentially be more natural disasters. There needs to be a change to the infrastructure of New York City because the city needs to be ready before any destructive disaster occurs again.


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