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My Take on Climate Change: Deforestation a Real Threat

Climate change over the decades has become a concern that can no longer be ignored. Most of the factors leading to this issue are caused by humans.

The effects of climate change are so vast that it has become very overwhelming. Comparing different eras can tell a lot as to how much climate change has affected our planet. Every new year we are seeing more droughts, heatwaves, rising sea levels, and excessive storms which are the direct effects of climate change. These events can eventually make the earth  uninhabitable for animals and cause their extinction, some are unique and fast disappearing species. The warming planet may even become too hot for humans to survive.

Human desire is a significant factor that has caused the climate to change rapidly. Desiring comfort means depending heavily on inventions and natural resources. As the population grew there has been an increase in transportation and sheltering places. Burning fossil fuels and gasses released especially by ground vehicles and airplanes have  increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and started to heat up the earth. Deforestation is another cause of a warming earth that has had a direct impact on the climate. Forrests have been clear cut raise live and some forests have been burned due to wild fires. Destroying forests means threatening nature and the habitats of animals while reducing necessary plants and trees that can soak up carbon. Instead deforestation damages the environment and produces more carbon dioxide,  which is extremely harmful.

All these forms of activities by humans are rapidly changing the climate rapidly. Soon the earth will become completely uninhabitable even for us. Before we reach this stage where we can no longer save the planet, humans must learn about climate change and about their errors. If these issues are fixed and people are more concerned and careful, the earth will be safe for everyone.


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