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As Students How Can We Help Slow, Stop or Solve Climate Change?

Can you imagine a city where you wake up in a clean environment and breath clear air? No, we cannot, and I believe it is too late for us to stop climate change. We all know deep inside our hearts that we are directly responsible for climate change, but we do not want to acknowledge this fact. We know it is too late to stop climate change but we can solve this problem by slowing down the effects of the climate change by taking some common actions. Those actions would fall under the heading “Go Green,” and would include choosing plant base food, raising climate awareness through conversations and choosing renewable energy.

Bringing climate change to everyone’s attention would be our first step so we can come to a similar frame of mind. We can start from inside our comfort zone, meaning in our family. Because sometimes we do some stuff without knowing the outcome but if we talk to a family member they will understand and listen more and they will take it more seriously than if other talk to them. It will open their minds and they might talk to their friends and that can spread the message around.

Going Green would be another way to solve the climate change issue. I know the present time now in the 21st  century is not that easy to go green. But we try our best to avoid using things that produce the carbon dioxide. As we all know, carbon dioxide and water vaper due to high atmospheric temperature is responsible for the greenhouse effect. One of the biggest sources of CO2 in our atmosphere comes from the gasoline that we burn to run the cars. So, we get to come up with an alternative way to run cars without gasoline by using electric cars that can be charged as an alternative. Also, try to avoid car riding, and if possible ride a bike if one’s destination is close by. Riding bikes will help us save the environment and at the same time it is a good way to burn calories which is so good for our health.


One of the good ways we could make our beautiful earth cleaner and healthier is by choosing to use renewable energy, which is the best choice for our environment and for the economy. Some of the examples of renewable energy is solar power, wind energy and water energy, all of which are a good alternative to gasoline and oil. Also, if possible, we should avoid flying. Even though time is so important to all of us, we also know our environment is just as important. One year ago, I went to Canada for a family visit and I took the bus which was a long ride.  But when I returned, I took a flight which took me only 45 minutes. If I wanted, I could have avoided flying but I wanted to save time. Jet fuel in the U.S. increased in 2018 – and is a growing source of carbon emissions. So, if we have time, we need to avoid traveling by airplane to save our earth.  Using renewable energy may be more expensive but if we all switch to renewable energy then it is not too far off that renewable energy will get cheaper and everyone could afford it.  

Furthermore, changing our diets could help slow down climate change. According to an article 12-17% of total greenhouse gas emissions throughout the world are caused by the livestock industry which produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars, planes, trains, and ships combined. In other words, the agriculture industry produces more CO2 than anything. So, if we produce more plants-based food for our diets, we could slow down the climate change threat. Also, we all need to plant trees which will give us more oxygen and help eliminate carbon dioxide. Finally, the solution to climate change depends on our present and future behavior.  Our actions today will decide how our environment will be tomorrow. If we all put our best efforts into slowing down climate change, we will leave a good environment to our future generations. So, we get to decide what we want.  


Picture: https://en.reset.org/act/12-things-you-can-do-climate-change-0


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