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My Take: Climate Change is Real & its Happening

Before I discuss climate change, I would like to explain what climate change is. Climate change is the imbalance in the climate’s pattern, which can cause the rise in temperature as well a decrease in the temperature. Climate change is a major ongoing issue that has been happening in the world now. It has impacted the environment very badly, which is giving birth to different natural disasters across the globe. Although it has been a threat forever, we people don’t tend to take it seriously. Climate change is causing the sea level to rise because of melting ice at the Antarctic which is the home of many water animals. It is also destroying our eco system, animals are becoming extinct. Burning, cutting down the tress, plastic deposits in the water bodies, and fossil fuel industries have been the major reasons for climate change.

            The harmful gases such as, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and hydrofluorocarbons are gases causing holes in ozone layer, allowing harmful UV radiations to penetrate the earth and causing dangerous diseases like skin cancers. As we have witnessed, extreme range of weather conditions such as extremely hot summers and warmer winters. We can feel the heat of the sun in winter which is an effect of the climate change. Animals are victimized and engulfed by the plastics. We have seen many scenarios on the internet where animals under the water are swelling because they ingest the harmful plastics we dispose in the water bodies.

            My home country is Bangladesh which is located in the South East Asia. Due to its geographical, low-lying land which is surrounded by rivers and the ocean causes the country to be  prone to climate change. Climate has affected the country tremendously, causing floods, natural disasters. Rise of the sea level have caused thousands of people to lose their homelands, face death and many harmful water-borne diseases. If this trend continues, Bangladesh will be under water and the people of the country will also become extinct like many animals. Although many of us are still in the fantasy of la la land and do not believe climate change is real, they too are the victims of climate change. Our actions are the testimony to the threat of this killing monster we know as climate change.

image: https://ibtbd.net/climate-change-challenges-and-its-preparation-in-bangladesh/

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  1. It is awful what climate change is causing. The changes are happening all around the globe, but I can see how it is affecting your country of Bangladesh. We should all be aware that climate change is real and it something we need to act on now. Countries like Bangladesh are being destroyed and there are things that can be done for us to slow it down. We need to engage more and learn more about how we can help the cause.

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