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Natural Disasters Made Worse by Climate Change

Our current state of occurring natural disasters is tremendous! Most natural disasters are exacerbated by climate change deeming them more dangerous and can sometimes wipe out an entire region and the prevalent livelihood of that region. Three of the most potent natural disasters across all regions are heat waves, tsunami’s and droughts.

Driven by greenhouse gases trapped in the earth’s atmosphere the impacts seen in many different changes in our climate include extreme rise in temperatures causing serious and destructive heat waves. Heat waves are a direct result of trapped air and dehydration of moisture. Air is a form of wind circulation and when the circulation halts, the air stands still in one specific area. Eventually, that leaves room for the heat to sit and boil to unbelievable temperatures! Depending on region and intensity of heat, a heat wave can last from a day, to a week or even weeks! A heat wave can be anywhere from 90 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit (enough to melt skin)! Heat waves are extremely detrimental to places where the population heavily depends on agricultural for a living. Crops can perish due to too much sun and crops require a certain amount of heat and water to properly flourish! Without water the planet has seen more and more droughts which are episodes of absolutely no moisture in the air or water circulation. Droughts happen where large amounts of lands are open (plain fields, plateaus).The excessive shortage of water can last anywhere from months to a year! This is also a disaster for people farming the land because crops can die, livestock can be dehydrated which in some cases increases bacteria given off from livestock! Heat waves can happen in mostly any region. In western regions like California, heat waves are especially prominent and can lead to widespread wildfires.

The build-up of heat on the planet because of global warming has caused ice caps in tundra regions to melt at a rapid pace causing the rise of sea levels. The larger the sea level rise, the chances of Tsunami’s occurring are increased. Tsunami’s are the worst natural disaster known to man! A series of large waves compiled on top of one another, they are caused by displacement of water volume and some are known underwater explosions are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. With wavelengths of 100 to 200 meters lasting from anywhere between ten minutes to two hours! Tsunami’s are the most feared because the ginormous waves that can exceed skyscrapers, causing the devastating destruction of land, property, crops, the HUMAN RACE!

image: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/climate-change-made-southwestern-u-s-drought-worst-1200-years

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  1. The essay “Natural Disaster Made Worse By Climate Change,” talks about the three different natural disasters; heat waves, tsunami and drought. The essay also described the different disasters. The essay is written with detailed information on the topics and first talks about heat waves, drought and then about tsunamis. Also, it mentioned about the worst natural disaster out of all three which is tsunami. The essay has scientific and statistical facts about natural disasters and is a message for all of regarding natural disasters’ ability to destroy natural factors of the planet. The essay gives us enough detail on the natural disasters, its cause, and effects. It also mentioned fearful effects of tsunamis and how it can destroy lands, buildings and the human race. One thing I would comment on is that the structure of the essay could have been better. It was only two paragraphs long and each not equally distributed. Other than that essay is well written with all details it needed.

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