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My Take: Slowing Climate Change

Climate has been changing throughout history may it be by natural causes or due to human interactions, there is no denying that fact. However, as time passes countries are developing technologies in hopes of repairing or preventing more damage to the earth and the environment. These actions may lead to climate changes becoming less severe. For example, if climate change were slowed down, the quick melting of ice caps would lessen the impact that has been endangering wildlife from that region. Also, mitigating the increase of hotter days in certain areas would save the impact climate change has had on agriculture and the citizens whose livelihood depend on farming. An example of technology being improved over the years is the development of electric/hybrid cars that substitute the use of gasoline for electricity to stop vehicles contributing to the greenhouse gas emissions produced by gasoline. Many countries and states have started to work towards reducing pollution by changing the resources they use for fuel. Burning coal has been commonly used to generate electricity throughout history but states have started to switch from that method to safer/eco-friendly resources, for example the construction of hydroelectric power plants, which are power plants with the help of river flow to help generate electricity which can be delivered to the residents or to cities located nearby. The downside to renewable energy is it requires many facilities to produce an equivalent amount of energy/fuel that can compete with the production rate of non-renewable resources. That can lead to the cost rising dramatically and with the population growing larger every year it could mean a demand for more facilities to be constructed to meet the demands.

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