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My Take: Human Activity Causes Climate Change

As we know, climate change has been the major issue this century. Climate change is a long-term change of the average weather patterns that has defined Earth’s local, regional and global climates. There are natural fluctuations in the climate but scientists say temperatures are now rising faster than at any other time. Changes in the weather have included the amount of rain in a year or a difference in temperature during a month or a season. Even though changes in our climate takes hundreds or even millions of years, for now, the main cause of climate change seems to be human activity.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, people have burned more and more fossil fuels and changed vast areas of land from forests to farmland. Burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, called that because it produces what is called the ‘greenhouse effect.’ The greenhouse effect makes the earth warmer just as a greenhouse for growing plants is warmer than its surroundings. Carbon dioxide is the main cause of human-induced climate change. it stays in the atmosphere for a very long time. Other greenhouse gases, such as nitrous oxide, also remains in the atmosphere for a long time.

We ourselves have to solve this disaster. People are being educated ab out climatic conditions while human activities are still dangerous and speeding up climate change. We must reduce carbon dioxide emissions and stop using fossil fuels in our industries in order to stop the carbon emissions. If we don’t, ongoing emission of greenhouse gases have the potential to warm the planet to levels that have never been experienced in the history of human civilization.

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