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Impact of climate change in our career

Human beings live in nature and their occupation depends on it. Climate change endangers our natural ecosystem services and endangers the jobs that depend on them. Working people are on the frontlines of climate change, and according to the article, “How will climate change affect jobs?” an estimated 2.5 million people are already displaced and workers were displaced and employment was reduced by 11, 000 workers because of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey.

Cyclones in Bangladesh destroyed thousands of small businesses and farmland which cost almost 56,000 jobs. In the Philippines, an estimated 800, 000 workers were affected by Typhoon Haiya. Most of the businesses will take a long time to come back and some of them won’t be able to return ever. So, lots of employees will be permanently unemployed. Over the next decades, we will experience more issues across the world that will impact our communities and their job markets. These climate disasters will cause economic, social and most importantly it will create mental problems for lots of us permanently.

Most of the coastal areas will be affected by sea-level rise, so countries like Bangladesh will be impacted severely. It will lose a large amount of coastal land under the sea permanently. People will lose their homes land and many farmers will lose their active farming land, important because Bangladesh’s economy depends on farming. It’s economy will be impacted and there will be a housing crisis because Bangladesh is densely populated. Economic instability will create depression and joblessness for thousands of people. The high jobless rate will impact not only our society but also have a global effect. In most climate crises, the poorer countries will suffer the most.

So, as the climate crisis is a global problem, we have to come up with a global solution to solve this problem. Richer countries have to be on the frontline to solve this problem. They have to provide more money and come up with a strategy that will help the poorer countries to face this problem together. We have to take the necessary steps now to face climate change seriously.

There is reason to hope. While we are making the necessary investments to address in climate change, many jobs will be created.  According to the article “How will climate change affect jobs?”, the renewable energy and solar industry are creating jobs twenty times faster than the overall economy in the USA. In China, an estimated 3.4 million and in Germany 370,000 new jobs have been created in the renewable energy field. To accomplish even more, scientists and public opinion must take a more active role, and the government should be accountable. Besides the government strategy, business organizations should come up with their own strategy to face this problem and move forward to renewable energy. They have to focus on the research so they can shift to renewable energy only which will create more jobs. Governments have to spend more money on research to face climate change and create new jobs in brand new ways like in  renewable energy, which will make our world a better place not only for humans but also for animals too.

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