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Sustainability Projects: Carbon Neutral, and Solar as well as Wind Energy.

As climate change becomes a continuing issue, it is imperative that we find solutions to reverse climate change. Many changes can include wind and solar powered solutions, electric cars and sustainably projects. I believe sustainability projects help reverse or the very least not contribute to global warming. It is important for major business corporations like Apple and fast retail to adopt more sustainability projects in order to reduce carbon footprints. Examples of sustainably projects are, LED lighting, use of solar and wind powered technology, organic farming, and less use of plastic. Some corporations like Apple have begun taking steps on being sustainable like using less plastic while manufacturing products. As well as some companies have also begun taking steps on being carbon neutral.

Companies like Apple have started becoming carbon neutral by eliminating carbon use or reducing the use of carbon. According to Sam Shead (2020), Apple decided not to include phone chargers and headphones to reduce the size of the iPhone boxes, and allowing to fit 70% more iPhone onto a pallet. In other words, the smaller size allows more products to be carried and reduces carbon exhales from the forklifts. Reducing the carbon exhale from forklifts can help reduce climate change. In addition to further reducing carbon emission, Apple also did not include the charger because the company knows its customers accumulated many chargers from older model phones or third-party sellers so producing more chargers is unnecessary and leads to an increase in carbon footprint due to the process of manufacturing adapters in Apple factories according to Sam Shead (2020). To put it differently, past Apple product users would most likely have a vast collection of charging adaptors in their homes, in this case there is no point of manufacturing new adaptors to ship with the new phones because if done so it would just contribute to leaving a carbon footprint. Therefore, a major corporation like Apple are creating sustainability projects such as this to help mitigate climate change.

Another example of an innovated technology that can a great impact on mitigating climate change is renewable energy. Renewable energy comes from natural sources that can constantly produce energy without harming the environment or contributing to climate change. Solar energy power, and wind power are examples considered as renewable energy. According to Lora Shinn (2018), nonrenewable energy can not only contribute to climate and environmental change but also post a danger to humans as well. In other words, using fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal are a big contributor to climate change and human life. Lora Shinn (2018) also mentions, oil drilling requires strip-mining certain areas such as forests, but the technology with fracking contributes to earthquakes as well as water pollution. Therefore, solar and wind energy are great sustainability projects because it would have a great impact in mitigating climate change by replacing the use of fossil fuels as an energy source.

To conclude, as climate change becomes more of an issue it is important that we find the best ways to impact on mitigating climate change by using innovative technology. Such technologies can be sustainability projects like corporations becoming carbon neutral also solar and wind energy. Corporations like Apple begun taking steps in becoming carbon natural by shipping phones with less product waste as well as reducing carbon exhales while manufacturing products. Solar and wind energy can also mitigate climate change by reducing the use of fossil fuels that contribute to climate and environmental change by using a cleaner and more efficient source of energy. Although climate change was caused by years of fossil fuel use and carbon pollutions, we can use the innovative technology to mitigate climate change in the upcoming years.


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