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A Positive Impact on the World

Climate change is effectively destroying our planet every day right before our eyes. As you probably have noticed this past winter was really warm. This is due to climate change, so many things are changing rapidly in the world, and it’s kind of sad that we had even allowed it to go this far. We are the cause of all things wrong with our planet and it is our responsibility to try and save our planet as soon as possible. There are so many ways that we, as students, can help slow climate change and influence others to do the same. We can do this by reducing waste, using energy wisely, creating a school eco-club that will encourage students to join and so much more. As soon as we take just one step towards making our planet a better place it will turn into walking and then running towards a better future.

Reducing waste is a key necessity for a better tomorrow. We can reduce waste either in our homes or at school as a place to start. According to ​Eight Ways to Reduce Waste b​y The Nature Conservancy you can recycle by, buying second hand items, using technology as a resource instead of paper, purchase wisely etc. By recycling or reusing you are reducing the amount of energy it takes to process these certain items. For example, recycling printed paper would limit the amount of energy it would take if that paper was not recycled, not to mention it would also leave more trees  which can remove carbon dioxide from the air. Also instead of paper, we use E-receipts(emailed receipts). Lots of stores have turned to this and not only will this receipt be easier to find but it will help the world become better.

Another example could be purchasing wisely.  According to ​A brief history of how plastic straws took over the world​, “In just the U.S alone, one estimate suggests 500 million straws are used every single day.” We only use straws once and throw them out, we should instead invest in metal straws to lower the number of straws we use daily. So many ways to reduce waste and help us save money but we decide to be lazy.


School clubs are a great way to help the community expand and influence others. An eco-friendly club should be something that is mandatory because this can help inform others about climate change. We as students can come together with staff members and create a presentation and have a mandatory assembly to try and get new recruits. We can be in charge of making sure to put pressure on people to do what is necessary. Like recycling, purchasing better lightbulbs, making sure the lights are off in classrooms when they are not needed, etc. We can also hold fundraisers to donate to organizations that are studying or trying to save our planet from the impacts of climate change. This would be a good place to start because as more students start to get in the habit of practicing useful habits they can bring them back to their home and start doing it there as well.

We are the ones who control what happens next to take the actions necessary to better not only ourselves but our planet. We can start this by creating our own club, reducing waste, or even how to use our energy wisely. All of these things can be done in a matter of time whether in our house, school, or work. These are the little things that will have an effect on our life overall. We have the power to change this negative lifestyle for the world into something positive, fresh and new.

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