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Connections between Climate Change and COVID-19

Climate change and COVID- 19 are the two major issues happening currently in the whole world. Scientists did not find actual evidence that tells us that climate change and COVID- 19 are related to each other. However, there are some factors that having impacts due to climate change and this virus and both have created social, economic, and environmental problems. Because of this virus, millions of people lost their lives, many have lost jobs which resulted in the decline of economy. Many infrastructures are being damaged due to hurricanes, Tsunamis flooding, earthquakes, landslides and eruptions. In this essay I will discuss how some of the factors such as transmission of pathogens, air pollution, and the economy relate to both climate change and COVID-19.

Today the world is facing two crises: climate change and COVID-19. Due to climate change, there is an increased risk of infection not only for us, but for other species. The risks increase because of the transmission of pathogens from animal to animal and then to humans. When the earth heats up because of climate change, the animals from sea or land move to different places to get that heat. During this time pathogens may transfer from animal to animal because of contact from one animal to other. Forestation could be another reason that animals can come to contact with humans and spread the germs. Increasing warmth and precipitation that we’ve seen as part of global warming, will add some risk of more cases of dengue, Zika, and other viruses that come from insects. This is how different kinds of diseases are spreading through climate change.

Air pollution can be another factor that integrate with the climate change and Covid. It is true that air pollution can cause the increase of COVID-19. People who are exposed to air pollution with respiratory problems can easily get this virus. Some countries have high risks of COVID-19 due to increases of air pollution. Air pollution can cause serious health problems like heart attack, diabetes, strokes, and high blood pressure which raise the chances of death from this corona virus. However, during the lockdown the air quality started to improve and air pollution started decreasing due to less transportation. We should pay more attention to the people who are vulnerable to air pollution such as homeless people who are alone, and most of the time, we cannot even do anything to help them survive. So, the countries should improve on air quality to reduce the air pollution and it would help decrease the rate of corona virus cases.

Climate change and COVID-19 are significantly related to each other economically. Economy is a big factor all over the world. All countries are depended on their economy. A nation can be successful if it has built a strong economy. Climate change and the coronavirus have had a quick and destructive impact in financial markets. Companies started losing money due to the lockdown. The unemployment rate increased because huge numbers of people lost their jobs. People also tried to avoid close contact during the lockdown because this virus can easily be transmitted from human to human. Climate change is damaging U.S. economy through the disruption in trade and the supply chain. Sea level rise, warmer temperature and extreme weather can damage critical infrastructure, public health, agriculture, productivity, and tourism. Some countries’ major business is tourism. Corona virus and climate change can affect tourism because either way, people will not travel from places to places. Extreme rainfall and heavy snows resulting from climate change can damage the agricultural system.

In conclusion, I will say that this is not an easy time for during this pandemic. Many people lost their lives, lost their relatives and people went jobless because of this virus. In addition, due to climate change, many structures, animals, and the environment are feeling the impacts. We need to work together to solve these problems. It is not easy to kill this virus, but we can do something to reduce it. Solar wind and clean air technology can be used to reduce the use of fossil fuels which produce greenhouse gases and air pollution. Eliminating carbon gases would be a great step to protect this earth. We all need a happy and healthy earth so that we can be happy and live long and protect our future generations.

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