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Climate Change in Montenegro

My family is from Montenegro, a country that resides in southeast Europe on the Adriatic coast of the Balkans and used to be part of Yugoslavia. Montenegro is a small country with a beautiful landscape but you have to pay for everything that is nice. Montenegro is about 5,300 square miles and has very drastic temperature changes.  We are on the coast on one side of the country and within 5 to 10 miles we also have high mountains that are over 8,000 feet. This type of topography gives us drastic temperature changes.

Montenegro has Mediterranean climate which is basically a lot of sunny days and warm summers and heavy winters. Climate in Montenegro is very unpredictable. According to Mondo Montenegro there was snowing in Month of May. That type of weather has surprised everyone not only those living in Montenegro but people around the world. When I spoke to one of my friends about it he said he was reading about that and that he loves that since he likes snow.

It’s not surprising that many cities in Montenegro get flooded by heavy rains. There was a disaster that occurred in Montenegro in 2019 which cut off communities and put many lives in danger. Although the country doesn’t have the budget to handle such severe flooding, many people were spared because they were quickly evacuated or they moved all their stuff on another level of their house. According to Floodlist many suffered from huge financial damage and some people were left homeless or living in poverty in rural or bad areas of Montenegro. There is a lot of evidence of Montenegro residents struggling to survive all the natural disasters such as flooding, temperature change, earthquakes, sea level rise, to name a few. And even though the country is trying to fight back against these natural disasters, there is not a lot we can do about it.

To conclude, the environmental policy team in Montenegro should implement new and evolving strategies to tackle climate change. In addition, to address the impacts caused by climate change in the region, the country should implement successful mechanisms of coastal zone management , disaster management, agricultural management and water resource management. Dealing with climate change takes ingenuity as we have seen situations in Venice where they have set up 78 flood barriers installed in the seabed at the lagoon’s three main entrance points which rise to form a dam during high tide or sea level rise, stopping the Adriatic Sea surging into the lagoon and flooding the city.  People in Venice became creative and people in Montenegro should also be more creative and figure out how to handle sea level rise. By coming up with a system to prevent coastal destruction, the country might attract more tourists and put the revenue from tourists towards handling natural disasters.

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