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Sea Water Levels Rise throughout New York City By City Tech Blogger Erick Pacheco



All habitable zones are prone to climate change no matter where an individual lives.

Others are more at risk than others as different conditions exist in different parts of the world. Therefore, it is important to monitor these conditions to determine risk factors and be aware of it. New York City is no stranger to climate change, which is why it is very important to monitor because 8.5 million people reside in New York City. In this blog, an overview of the cause of climate change in New York City from the rise of sea water levels will be discussed.

Growing Impact of Sea Water Levels in NYC

New York City is an island that is mostly surrounded by water; therefore, the danger of future flooding is critical. The Department of Environmental Conservation have stated that sea levels have risen by more than a foot since the 1900s. Additionally, they also stated that in New York City, water rises at a rate of 1.2 inches per decade which is twice the global average amount. Therefore, New York City is in more danger than average by double-the-amount. This signifies that New York City has to take action for the upcoming decades otherwise it will begin flooding and affecting the lives of millions. Taking an outlook into the future decades, by the year 2050, the sea water levels in New York would reach an astonishing 30 inches higher than current day’s rising sea water levels.

Positive Outcomes for Climate Change Awareness

Fortunately, there have been measures taken to make sure we are aware of the dangers and overseen into facilities. In 2014, Governor Cuomo signed the Community Risk and Resiliency Act to reassure that the applicants have been considered. It is important that this data is shared with others to further increase awareness and plan for flooding in the upcoming decades. Also, it is an incentive to further stop or reduce actions leading to climate change in New York.



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