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Developing Countries At Risk by City Tech Blogger Sanjay Seepersaud

Not all countries have the privilege or opportunities that we have here in the United States. In the United States, we have developed methods to help combat global warming to maintain our quality of living. Countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are developing and may not be able to combat the same issues in the same ways due to a lack of resources. In India, the mass media has been informing the public on the environmental issue of global warming. Farmers were concerned about why their crops have been failing at such a high rate. India’s government is trying to help by controlling its carbon footprint and promoting other countries to do the same to make the world a cleaner place. If all countries can control or limit their carbon usage, they may be able to prevent harsh weather changes and save the animals that are facing extinction.

With global warming, deadly heat waves are threatening India, parts of Bangladesh, and Pakistan. India could soon become uninhabitable because of heat waves, which are now claiming more lives in India than ever before. India in general is already a hot country in many areas, having days reaching normally 95°. With the increase of climate change, days now reach up towards 123°, which is just uninhabitable. Since most of the population are farmers or laborers, it’s hard for them to survive because they have no other means to provide for their families.


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