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Agriculture and Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Shazia

Climate change has effects on various sectors. According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Agriculture is strongly influenced by weather and climate. While farmers are often flexible in dealing with weather and year-to-year variability, there is nevertheless a high degree of adaptation to the local climate in the form of established infrastructure, local farming practice, and individual experience. Climate change can therefore be expected to impact on agriculture, potentially threatening established aspects of farming systems but also providing opportunities for improvements.” These changes impact agriculture and affect this sector. Although we might not understand the direct relationship of such changes, we can also conclude that without such a resource as food, many living things would die. As individuals, we need to understand the impact of climate change on various sectors and what it could mean for us. We fail to recognize the long-term effects climate change could have, and what it could mean for our future. Day-to-day, small changes and improvements could help the future generations. Resources can build countries up and help them financially, too. Being mindful that these climate changes are not only impacting one localized region or group of people is vital: they will impact us all globally.



Agriculture is vital to our lives. In turn, food is affected by climate change and agriculture. Certain temperatures will impact how things grow, or what, if anything, can grow. This is important for both humans and animals because food is imperative for both to survive day-to-day against the impacts from climate change on their environments. Recognizing that a problem of such importance does in fact exist will help to reduce its impacts. The same could be said regarding  melting glaciers due to climate change in terms of impacting our lives. This is a conscious choice that we have to make a part of our day-to-day lives. Our choices impact what the next hundred years will look like for our future generations.

We as individuals are a part of the process, and we cannot expect others to change if we are doing nothing to help create change. Lives depend on us all to help save the environment in which we as humans live. Agriculture is a primary, basic human need, and a healthy diet is a key component of our health and well-being. Agriculture is already one of the economic sectors with the largest environmental impact from climate change.

Climate change affects, and will continue to affect, the quantity and location in which food can be produced. This in turn affects the jobs and resources available for trade, which should be thought of from a long-term standpoint. We have to understand that something as big as the climate change issue does exist, and it does need our attention to eventually stop the damage that it continues to have on our planet.. Life as we know it today would not be the same: the winter will almost disappear, and warmer temperatures would be likely year-round, impacting agriculture negatively. We need to understand the bigger issue with climate change, and who and what in the process it will affect. Animals would cease to exist because their habitats would be nearly impossible in which to live and thrive. Our daily decisions impact the future, and nothing will be the same as we know it today because of increasingly poor decision-making. Climate changes globally are worsened by our refusal to implement changes to our daily activities that would help save the planet and make it more habitable for future generations. We are in control of the planet that we leave behind.








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