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Becoming Responsible about Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Sumyia Rahman

At present climate change is a burning question of the world. Scientists have detected a lot of problems that are created by people of this earth which are considered to be dangerous for the existence of living beings. Hearing all those threatening words and sentences, the leaders of the world have become anxious and trying to figure out how such problems can be reduced or eliminated so that the living beings can survive in this earth.

Climate change is affecting my home country of Bangladesh in various ways. During summer, the temperature rises so high that people cannot go out of their houses for a long time. If the go, they become exhausted, tired, sick and dangerously dehydrated.  Even when they are drinking water frequently it does not help to maintain their health. But people have to work in the field to produce food for a longer time. Our country is fully dependent on our agricultural products. If they cannot work it will be a great disaster. Beside that, every year the frequency of storms are increasing. As a result, a lot of houses and other establishments are destroyed which damages our economy. Our country is on the Bay of Bengal. So the land is not so high from the sea level. According to scientists, as the temperature is rising the ice of the Northern Hemisphere is melting with incredible speed causing the sea level to rise in threatening ways.  The  consequence is that our country is going under water very soon. There are about 170 million people living in 55,500 square miles. I am very worried about these people, where they will go if their land goes under water. I also worry for other countries of the world which are situated on the coasts. All the continents are surrounded by oceans.

In my opinion, the most dangerous threat to a deteriorating planet is the increase of population. People of our country as well as other countries are mad to increase their populations. Population growth means the destruction of forests for housing, agricultural land, and other purposes. As a result, the carbon dioxide produced from using fossil fuels is not able to reduced by trees because their  number is decreased. Secondly, day by day the numbers of mills and factories are growing rapidly which produce carbon dioxide, carbon mono oxide, and other filthy gases. Different types of wastes are produced by all those factories and people.

Our country is a part of the Paris Climate Agreement. The leader of our country shows a lot of concern, has made a lot of speeches but I do not see that she is very worried  –  she never speaks about reducing the growing rate of population and  she is not introducing the one or two child policy as part of the country rule. Similarly the leaders of other countries are too. I never heard any leader to utter this word.

As I am a student of IT, I have a responsible to become a vocal about Climate Change. I can use my technology to spread the news of Climate Change and the explain the science to all leaders, scientists, responsible persons of the world. All kinds of statistical data related to this subject will be sent including the advices. I will advice also to our country leader as well as other leaders of all the countries of the world to introduce Solar Power system to every part of the world so that number of electric power producing projects would be reduced as soon as possible. Every country should introduce Electric Vehicles which will decrease the amount of carbon dioxide into the air.

This world is our home. We people want to live happily and our future generations have right to survive in this world happily. So we all the people should work on those problems which are creating problems in our environment and immediately we have to take all necessary steps to reduce the increase of those bad elements which are responsible in increasing temperature of the world. Also we all together find out alternative solution which I have mentioned above to save our beautiful world.



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