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Opinion: Can We Fix Climate Change? by City Tech Blogger Freddy Gutierrez

Climate change is a big problem that we are facing today and barely anything is being done to fix the problem, a problem that can end life as we know it. Some people don’t understand that climate change is a real thing and it’s happening. For example, polar ice caps are melting causing sea levels to rise, and animals that live on the polar ice caps are losing their homes because of us. Also fluctuating temperatures causes heatwaves as well as very cold days. These two examples are signs of climate change and there are others. We have to change to the way we do things around the world. One question comes to mind. What type of life do you want for your kids to have? This is the question that most of us have to ask ourselves. In my opinion, we can do more: we can use solar for energy or drive electric cars which will eliminate using fossil fuel. By doing something big to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels, that will slow the impacts of climate change and save our planet for our kids and their future.  Our kids don’t need to suffer for the mistakes that we made.

Is it possible to fix climate change?

What is climate change? Climate change, or global warming is caused by every day human activities like driving a car or flying in a plane.Yes, it’s not too late to fix climate change. But we have act now before it’s too late. One of the first things to do is use more solar power for our energy instead of using fossil fuels. The use of solar panels on homes and buildings does not produce air pollution, water pollution or greenhouse gases and by using solar we can reduce our carbon footprint. According, to “2019 Health & amp; Environmental Benefits of solar: Energysage,” “In New York, the average home uses 6,864 kWh of electricity annually”. This is a problem. If the average home consumes this much energy from fossil fuel, and they switched to using solar, they would greatly lower the cost of their electric bill and they could sell unused electricity back to their electric company.

Driving an eclectic car will not only reduce air pollution, but it lessens our dependence on gas – a much used fossil fuel. Having an electric car is another way to help the environment. According, to “ Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.” “ Transportation makes up 28.7 percent of 2017 greenhouse gas emission”. In my opinion, that’s too high for transportation and something has done about it. This number could continue to grow if there are no regulations put on the car industry to minimize the amount of fossil fuel used to run vehicles. These regulations could also help lower the cost of an electric car. Today electric cars are expensive but if everyone owned an electric car, the air would not only be much better, but we would reduce our carbon footprint.  This could all be done if people worked together and cared a little bit more for the environment.

Climate Change is happening and we are feeling the effects of it. Something has to be done before it’s to late. To slow down climate change impacts we have to change the way we do things every single day. I know that right now going solar or buying an electric car is expensive but I hope that one day we don’t have to rely on fossil fuel for energy. We have to think about the future we leave the next generations. They are the ones that will have to deal with problems that we are having right now. The polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, heatwaves are becoming commonplace and severe winters are as well. The Earth is giving us signals to stop what we are doing. We have the power to change and fix the problem. But we are focusing on the wrongs things like war and military weapons. But I hope one-day climate change will be a thing of the past and we learn how to take care of our planet


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