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The Effect of Climate Change On Developing Countries by City Tech Blogger Angelica Garcia

Climate change can affect every country and everyone however, developing countries tend to be affected more and less likely to fully recover from its consequences. Climate change has caused gradually shifting weather patterns, rising sea levels and other extreme events such as hurricanes, wildfires, and droughts. All these effects has threatened the food supply, people’s homes are jeopardized. All of these effects increase the risk of poverty which is commonly found in poorer countries. When events like this occur, poorer countries are the ones that have the most to loose. Developing countries lack resources therefore, they are not as prepared when it comes to climate change. However, developed countries are countries that already have the resources which mean that they are better with dealing with climate change. Developed countries are more prepared and are quicker to act than developing countries when it comes to climate change impact.

Climate change has more impact on developing countries rather than developed countries. According to the center for global development, “Climate change and development are closely intertwined. Poor people in developing countries will feel the impacts first and worst (and already are) because of vulnerable geography and lesser ability to cope with damage from severe weather.” Developing countries have short and insufficient resources compared to developed countries. The lack of money, human, and technology resources have contributed to how the developing countries react to climate change. Developing countries seem to count economically more on climate activities. Particularly farming and fishing are affected by climate change. The farmer systems and harming fragile reefs especially in the Coral Triangle where many developed countries are located. If the area keeps being threatened,  it can cause many fish to die and less to be consumed by the people. Another issue in the developing countries is that they lack access to modern energy. Many developed countries have a higher rate of energy consumption which is the main cause of global greenhouse gases. Development nations exploit the use of their resources which is not fair for the developing countries who contribute in reducing the global carbon emission but gets affected by the developed countries who contribute more to global emission.

We can conclude that  climate change has a  bigger effect on developing countries compared to developed countries. Therefore, a solution to the problem would be for both developed countries and developing countries to work together to help each other out. Developed countries could help financially and spreading their knowledge to developing countries. They can help come up with a plan on how to reduce climate change and how to adapt to it. Developed countries can provide support in technology not only giving them the resources but applying the knowledge on using  the resources. Another way of helping would be to bring more awareness on climate change by education everyone what can be done to help reduce climate change.












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