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Student Opinion: My Plan to Fix Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Emad Khalique

Before I delve into the topic of how my major can relate to climate change, let me remind you of the importance of it. My goal as an individual is to make a huge change. I want to make amends for everyone who has gone out of their way to litter in the streets and on the paths of our world. We share many things and cleanliness is one of them, however, if we do not act quickly, our oceans and lands will be filled with degradable plastic that will never deteriorate. My academic major is related to data and what I can do with that data is surmise a solution for littering. I can collect data from the East Coast to the West Coast with simple inputs from individuals who dare to go against the law, as our streets should be clean. I cannot fathom how these things are affecting our environment and how we are still battling deforestation over things we use only once.

With data, I will be able to make an impact and combat against what other folks have contributed to the world, more pollution. We’re here stuck with what we can do with the data. No one is willing to partake in a project that offers no resources, it requires money. However, funding for such projects to save the world may mean one thing, no completion. For a country called the United States, I project prosperity because we recycle and aim to keep our streets clean but those who do not must see what a dirty street does to a city. This country needs to devise a method to utilize all the trash they have and convert it into something of monetary value that the rest of the world will envy them for.

According to Scientific America, 1/4th of the country is inundated by water every year because the country is filled with rivers and surrounded by water. Now, what students can do as a whole is to figure out how we can use data to move Antarctica into warmer waters without melting it all. I believe there is a method where we can use magnets and move the tectonic plates out from underneath to melt the ice sheets of Antarctica for another continent to inhabit. If the entire continent is frozen then the only thing to do is move it between the US and China.

Students can advocate for change and get involved in school projects. Here at New York City College of Technology, the students don’t care because they get paid to go to college with free tuition and financial assistance. It’s great they get to go to school but it’s horrible that they do not take education seriously. Students need to be more active in what they do with their education. That’s all we need to do.




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