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How Can You Impact Climate Change in Your Career? by City Tech Blogger Adrian Bishop

Climate change, whether we like it or not, affects everyone and everything upon this beautiful planet. Either we choose to ignore it until it directly affects us, or educate ourselves to potentially join the cause in impacting climate change for the survival of humanity. Some will say that climate change is too much of a big topic for them to have any sort of impact, but I disagree. Everyone has a say and a part in impacting this phenomenon since the Earth is our shared home. With that being said, I believe that every career is capable of impacting climate change. Some careers can have more of an impact than others, but they all can play a part towards the same cause. To be able to join this important cause in the fight against global warming we need to properly educate ourselves and spread awareness to as many people as we can. The more people aware of this phenomenon, the more equipped and prepared humanity will be. At this point, we need to hold all careers accountable for at least bringing climate change awareness to their employees.

With mechanical engineering, there are various subfields that can impact global warming for better or worse. The gas levels given off from engineering machinery continue to increase every year. Venturing into a career which takes global warming into consideration and heading towards a solution for their contribution to gas emissions is important to me. We as engineers can venture into renewable energy fields which recycle the gases’ this machinery gives off. In this field, we work on designing engines, motors, and other power supplies, we should start designing these systems with consideration to the gases they give off. If we can capture, store, and recycle the gases as they are emitted, we may be able to positively impact global warming within our field. The simple fact of discussing the effects of global warming within this career could potentially get engineers interested in finding solutions to impact global warming for the better. Dale White from the Herald Tribune News states “As upcoming generations address the challenges associated with warmer temperatures and vanishing shorelines, academia must not only familiarize itself with the subject matter on a variety of levels but prepare students for a range of career opportunities that will require new skills yet to be fully defined, fine-tuned and taught.” I believe that preparation is key, if we can properly educate and prepare ourselves for the changes we need to embrace, we can maybe positively impact the world for the sake of our future generations. Looking forward, I can spread awareness to as many people in my career as possible. Maybe equipping myself with enough knowledge on this matter can be beneficial to my future career and hopefully impact the world for the better.



White, Dale, and Dale White. “Climate Change Impacting Higher Education and Future Careers.” Tribune, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 8 Oct. 2017, www.heraldtribune.com/news/20171007/climate-change-impacting-higher-education-and-future-careers.



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