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Climate Change and the Challenge for Bangladesh by City Tech Blogger Emad Khalique

Emad Khalique


Climate change is a topic that I most am familiar with. It’s a topic that we’re all concerned about and we can’t seem to grasp. Climate change is important to the bigger picture – speaking of which – my country Bangladesh is a country that is in a tough spot currently. Although I consider USA my home as of now, soon to be the world….. I hope to make things as easy as possible for every entity within our atmosphere to understand the importance of having resources that will not deteriorate our beautiful planet and eco-system.

Bangladesh and the States are both very different countries. Bangladesh isn’t as clean but it’s extremely hot there throughout most of the year. Evidently, they haven’t really figured out that Solar Panels can make things much easier  – easy to produce and they can reduce the country’s very small carbon footprint. It would benefit them very well if they can harness energy from their Solar Panels and implement Hydroelectric methods of generating electricity and then begin selling them to their people or selling them to neighboring India or Bhutan.

Nonetheless, the US can and is already doing the same, but the US is a powerful and rich country, so it does not matter. The US can begin by educating those who have not received education within their own comfort zones because a brighter and more educational future could help innovate further on already innovative inventions. However, spending more on weapons to defend ourselves is more relevant.

Bangladesh is prone to flooding because it is near the sea and one simple solution is to use those rivers as hydroelectric sources of power. https://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/17/q-and-a-how-to-save-bangladesh/ . There are two rivers in Bangladesh and they run through the nation.

To speak further on this topic is trivial. The answer to Bangladesh’s climate change is to build electric vehicles and electric cabbies with their ability to sell energy with solar panels and hydroelectricity.

Does the country have enough money to get it done? Does it have lead scientists or a goal to get or innovate its own method of hydroelectricity because everything is patented?

The point is, solar panels and hydroelectricity are within reach because Bangladesh has rivers and sun.

The only problem with things related to finding renewable energy is the inability to find  funding. Often, countries like my own country are too poor to make amends to their changes, although they do contribute. For one instance, they do not use plastic at all because of the bad effects plastic has on the region. It’s disgusting there with all the plastic.

The problem is that, they aren’t producing enough money and there aren’t any things to make their lifestyles better or more pleasant. It’s just work, work, and more work so that the ancient civilizations that they are, can modernize.

Though the history of my country is well known for being the trade center of the world during the 1400’s, it has been pillaged and the trade center of the world is now known as New York City, where the world trade center stands.

Nonetheless, the spice trade did make everything the way it was, and today, we aren’t that far behind from the rest of the world. We still produce, export, and make money. Bangladesh is now a top producer of many small garments and other beneficial things. I don’t suppose that the wealth that they have acquired a second time in history, is matched by the perilous world out ahead? There are other things that they need to discover, again, although discovered already.

I think it has been a great journey for us all, even with the peace and love that has come from the region. It has allowed me to understand, that even when there aren’t things to be sold, there are things to be sold.

Confuse me in times of confusion, where no one knows what’s going to oppose the latter, found yourself stuck there, in a pile of plastic where you know, you could have collected, recycled, and resold.

Climate change can be tackled one step at a time, and it takes one person to make a difference.


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