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Can Climate Change Be Fixed Without God? by City Tech Blogger Stanley Okang


“Climate change, also called global warming, refers to the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth. An overwhelming scientific consensus maintains that climate change is due primarily to the human use of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air,” according to Takepart. Climate change is an ongoing topic in society today; many know what it is and how it’s affected our environment and humanity. Science has proven that it was caused by humans during the industrial revolution resulting in a warmer global temperature, warming oceans, shrinking ice, sea level rise, extreme events, and more. However, if climate change is real and it’s affecting the environment, can it be fixed without God?

Most people believe that God exists, they believe he created heaven and earth, and many wonder that if God is real then why are we facing such an issue today. God said, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” We have created a lot of damage and continue on that same path but in different ways, even if our intent was to fix it. It’s like an English teacher trying to build a house without any building knowledge. One must take instruction from someone who has the knowledge about building to be able to build something.

Climate change has been one of our biggest issues over the centuries and it has caused a lot of damage to our society. The amazing thing is that we recognize we created this mess with no blame on those before us because we would had done the same as they did. This damage came from not including God or asking for his instruction, the one who created the world and would’ve known how to avoid the damage from climate change. This has been a human sin from the start, us trying to be God. Like the English teacher trying to be a carpenter on their own without any knowledge. They will keep messing up unless they consult a contractor or someone who has the knowledge.

The problem is, we started without God resulting in a lot of damage, now we are trying to fix it without God which will only lead to more damage. Our efforts, without God, will only lead us from one mess to another. Representative Tim Walberg said during a town hall meeting in Coldwater, Michigan, that while he believes climate change is real, it is not something for humans to solve. “I believe there’s climate change. I believe there’s been climate change since the beginning of time,” Walberg said. “Do I think man has some impact? Yeah, of course. Can man change the entire universe? No.” Referring back to the English teacher, they will continue to make a mess from the very beginning and keep on making a mess unless they ask for help.

Climate change cannot be fixed by mankind no matter what we try, it is beyond our knowledge. We will only continue to cause damage if we don’t ask for help. We need to stop trying to be God and to acknowledge that we need him, the real God. He promises to heal the land if we humble ourselves and seek him. We need him.

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