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What Can You as students do to help to Slow, Stop or Solve Climate Change? by City Tech Blogger Devon Paul

The clearest sign of climate change is the rising global temperatures both far and wide. There was a time in which climate change was not a popular topic of discussion but due to its accelerating and aggressive effects, climate change is very difficult to ignore. As per personal experience it has become much easier to bear the winter seasons which now come equipped with comfortable temperatures off and on. Though this may bear relief for persons who find it difficult to deal with the extreme cold, warmer winters is, in fact, a very atrocious sign and needs action before it eventually worsens. Studies show that the patterns of the weather system do not correlate with those of the previous century that was on record and as a result of this unpredictability, surges in the weather including snow storms and heat waves are more and more ominous, even to experts.

Like a domino effect, this rise in global temperature fuels natural disasters such as hurricanes. We know for a fact that hurricanes feed off the warm air and will only increase with these conditions. Like a vehicle, the more fuel that is available means more potential to do work and in the case of hurricanes, work refers to damage from stronger winds and heavier rainfall. This in fact is bad news for countries, especially developing countries, that are subject to greater damage, are more vulnerable to these disasters and who lack the resources to quickly bounce back. To rectify this situation, we first must self-reflect and question whether or not we can contribute to the retardation or prevention of this climate change. Lest we forget that global warming contributes heavily to the melting of polar ice sheets directly aiding in rising sea levels which can be detrimental to animal life.

As a student there is so much that can be done to combat climate change. Initially one must first learn and understand what climate change is and how it comes about. Secondly one must create awareness of this growing force that is rapidly affecting everyday life as we know it. Taking personal action as a student includes reduction of litter and single use plastic for litter, practices which are especially high in the US and an indirect contributor of climate change. As an engineering student and a future engineer I plan to utilize my career to fight the daily actions that contribute to climate change. This combat includes the design of renewable energy harvesting devices thus reducing the need for fossil fuel to lessen greenhouse gas emissions. Also, as a student I can partake in scientific research focusing on the main causes of climate change and its impacts and to proof areas and equipment prone to natural disasters as a result of climate change.

These actions may not solve the problem of climate change but will surely help slows it down.  Any contribution is a good contribution be it minor or major. With awareness comes anxiety which precedes actions. Being the future working class of the world if students first become educated about climate change and act upon their findings whilst influencing others, it is one step closer to normalizing climate change. We know that climate change is unstoppable but can likely be better managed through positive contribution.







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