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Climate Change is Real by City Tech Blogger Anthony Weng

Ever since elementary school, I’ve been taught that climate change is a major problem everybody should be concerned about and an issue everybody should do something about. The topic of climate change is present everywhere from newspapers, magazines,  television commercials, and random posters on the walls. Climate change has long been a problem and nearly every human in the world has known about climate change decades. Despite all this, I see that barely anybody around me pays any attention to the news of the impacts of climate change. Climate change is rarely discussed, and not mentioned in the general public. While many people understand climate change as an effect of global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions, most people consider climate change to be simply the earth getting warmer and making the climate change. The easiest example would be our president, who, despite being the representative of the United States, is trying to stop movements to curb use of fossil fuels that would lessen the impact of climate change. The president considers any actions taken to be pointless and a waste of money. I feel that it took the world decades to finally take climate change seriously and to see it as a major problem because many people don’t understand climate change and it’s impacts on the world around us.

Climate change is a serious problem for us humans, not because it makes the weather warmer, but because climate change is constantly wiping out millions of lives every year that we don’t know about. And that includes marine life that is currently dying to the point of extinction due to warmer waters. Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of storms and natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis, while bringing severe droughts and stronger wildfires in all areas around the world, killing more lives than ever. Due to climate change, agriculture and all types of farming around the world is suffering from drought conditions from hot and dry weather;  constantly changing precipitation patterns have fishermen and hunters catching less prey. Due to the rising sea levels from climate change, coastal areas around the world are being flooded and people are forced to migrate to other places to live. Underdeveloped countries are literally dying because of climate change killing their crops, drying their forests, flooding their land, while developed countries are overwhelmed by the economic loss they suffer as the immigrant population increases. Although many people believe that climate change is something that will only start affecting them many years later, it is already affecting everybody. It will take us years before we can improve this situation and minimize the impacts of climate change.


Source: https://climate.nasa.gov/effects/


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  1. I agree with you, I feel like not a lot of people are talking about the issue of Climate Change and how it effects our earth and human lives. It has been happening day after day, we see it getting worse in terms of the weather changing. A quick fact is that the concentration of carbon dioxide (co2) in our atmosphere, as of 2018, is the highest it has been in 3 million years, which means our earth is getting warmer and warmer and we see more ice is melting due to the temperature rise and causing the level of the sea to be higher, ultimately causing many disasters such as flooding. Over all I enjoyed reading your paper, it had some great points.

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