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What is Climate Change? by City Tech Blogger Jose Guerrero

Many people do not know what climate change is, they may have heard the name but are unsure of what it is. Well, the  more or less explains it, climate changes over time Compared to the records of temperatures in the past, temperatures today have reached higher and lower than ever before.. Scientists have noticed the temperature of the earth rising, this is thought to be because of the greenhouse effect.

To explain the greenhouse effect, we have must about the sun. The sun radiates energy which comes down to the earth. The earth bounces it back and some energy returns to space, while some is retained in the atmosphere. This is not necessarily a bad thing because without this greenhouse effect which captures the heat from the sun rays, we would not be able to live on the earth. It would be about thirty degrees Celsius lower which would kill us all. The earth as we know it would be uninhabitable. The problem is greenhouse gasses are natural and we have added to them unnaturally causing a rise in the earth’s temperature. The change has been very small, but a very small change can make a huge difference in the way nature works. There is a small margin for error and when the scales of nature are tipped too far there will be no coming back. Just with the little change we have caused we can already predict serious natural disasters that will be endangering many more lives than any regular natural disaster. To keep this from getting worse, scientists have come up with a threshold of two degrees Celsius they would like to hold on to. It is thought that if kept in that two-degrees Celsius range that we will be ok, however, we are already at one and a half degrees Celsius. These two degrees will keep us safe. The less the earth heats up the better, the more it heats up the more dangerous natural disasters may become. Therefore, we focus on reducing CO2, (Carbon Dioxide) this is something we can control.

Climate change is something which we humans have contributed too. Natural occurrences affect climate change, but the problem is the human factor. Many would like to argue that there is nothing going on, maybe it’s denial. The issue is that there are too many gasses in the atmosphere that trap heat and make the earth hotter. It is important how this happened but what’s more important is to stop it from continuing. We cannot go around laying blame on people or denying that this is happening rather focus on measures that can be taken to help the environment. The hotter the earth the more ice melts, the water heats up creating water vapor, the melted ice results in rising water levels leading to flooding. These things affect one another, and it is like a chain. Everything is linked together. Fossil fuels are a big part of greenhouse gasses which are our main source of fuel. Attempts to reduce fossil fuels are being made around the world, but this presents an issue as they are a main fuel source. So, what is it we can do? We can focus on the things we can change immediately. We need to reduce those greenhouse gasses which we are contributing to. We cannot change things like water vapor in the air, but we can do our part in every way we can.

Ultimately, if we want to help ourselves, we must take this problem seriously. It’s up to us now because in the future it’ll be too late to stop the problem. It is already thought that we cannot reverse the problem but only prevent it from getting worse. Maybe in the future, we will have advancements that will help us get rid of this problem but at this point, we can only try to prevent creating further damage.

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