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Quirky Future Global Warming Solution| Part 4 By City Tech Blogger Jonathan Ornis

This is a quirky article that revolves around global warming. The main purpose is to bring awareness to what global warming is and how it affects us on an individual level. The second purpose is to bring hope after the grim information is presented. Knowing that there are ways to deter global warming, this article would then try and inspire you to think outside of the box and see how we can use our imagination to solve this real world problem.

First, let’s get into the effects of global warming. So as the name shows, global warming is the increase of the earth’s average temperature. One of the things to notice about this definition is that it says “average.” Now if the earth was only getting hotter around the equator, it would still be a problem but it wouldn’t be as big of a problem as what is actually going on. The earth’s average temperature is increasing so that means that the entire globe is getting warmer. This includes the most northern part (North Pole) and the most southern part of the globe (South Pole). These parts of the earth are normally completely frozen over because it holds large amounts of ice and snow. However, now that the temperature is increasing in these areas, the ice and snow are beginning to melt. But what does this really mean? It means that there is a surplus of water spilling into the ocean. Think of it like a freezer that is completely frozen over and then unplugging the fridge. The frost that collected in the freezer would not be able to maintain their temperature for long and would eventually turn to water.  Now instead of a freezer imagine a bunch of ice and snow the size of continents as they begin to melt and pour their water into the ocean. This will cause ocean levels to rise. As the ocean levels begin to rise things that we cherish like beaches and coastal cities will fall victim to the tides and begin to be submerged under the water.

Now there is no “real” way to stop what has happened. Some of my previous articles discussed how we can stop and revert global warming but the inventions were all basically science fiction but based heavily on what already exists. This invention would do the same thing but first, let’s consider  the problem that my invention would solve. So as said earlier the icebergs are melting and creating more water that in turn, rises the ocean’s levels. So in theory, if we cannot keep our carbon foot print to a minimum, then we can create an environment in the arctic that is extremely cold. If we could find a way to freeze water around icebergs and develop ice sheets around the bottom of icebergs then we can slow the melting process of the ice bergs. How will we do this you may ask? With my new invention called “frost ships.”

A frost ship would be designed to have a giant freezer system in the hull (front) of the vessel and have the exhaust of the cold air fall out of the stern (back) of the vessel. These vessels would be huge of course –  a little bigger than your average cargo ship so that it can run for about a month before having to dock to recharge components for the mega fridge. This ship would run on mostly electricity. One of the main powering factors is that a freezer system requires the consumption of hot air to run. The heat produced by the mega fridge can power some of the ship since heat is a form of energy.

Throughout of all my quirky inventions, this one is the least practical since creating giant ships to freeze water is a momentary solution; what it hopefully does is inspire more ideas drawn from the major problem of  ice being melted at an alarming rate. If no precautions are being taken, then it could become more of an issue than it already is.

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