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Climate Change: What I Can Do? by City Tech Blogger Ibitoye Afolabi


Unfortunately, it’s hard to agree on anything these days, if a proven fact can be dismissed to serve corporate or political interests it will be dismissed in a heartbeat. For decades the debate on climate change has been dissected to an extent whereby both educated and under-educated individuals change gears more than the weather can change its mood. To know if its real we just have to use our power of observation and perception as individuals, to inform our own decisions. But, if we do decide climate change isn’t real, and that it’s just a hoax perpetuated by Democrats and Scientists either to win elections and scare citizens or to get free funding respectively as many believe,  then consider this: Warming Temperatures, Stronger Hurricanes, Melting Glaciers, etc. Observe these phenomenon for yourself and draw your own conclusions as to the validity of these and many more changes happening all around us today; furthermore, ask yourself this:  “Will you like to save or make more money over time through another source of income; who wouldn’t right?

To save money, contribute to a greener planet, reduce Greenhouse gases (GHGs) and combat climate change in your own way, why not invest in sustainability projects such as green buildings, organic farming, passive housing, and even simpler; invest in solar panels if you own your own home, use mass transit or ride your bicycle when feasible to reduce carbon footprint. With your installation of solar panels for home use, you’ll have reduced the demand for Natural gas (33.8%) and coal (30.40%). In the long run it is believed that you’ll have saved over $28,000 in a lifetime possibly more once inflation adjustments is factored in. And if you are producing electricity from solar panels on your house, you’ll be making more money through passive income by sending excess solar generation into the grid, and alleviate poverty by making energy cheaper.

As a CityTech student, I had the opportunity to be involved in finding the perfect site for the completed 2015 Solar Decathlon DURA house – a zero energy passive house project, which addresses sustainability through the use of natural resources and energy efficiency from solar and rain fall. In addition to this, my current attempt to contribute to a greener earth and reduce climate change led me into the research of a Solar and Rain Catching Canopy and pocket parks with disaster capability and the ability to use solar energy, collect rain water, mitigate excess grey water and use permaculture techniques. My work on this project focuses on creating many more green spaces that are easily duplicated in any part of the world, gardens are self-irrigated using terracotta clay pots embedded in earth or platform structure through osmotic pressure to prevent overwatering. Some of the completed works are presently assembled on Staten Island and Manhattan. Our role as Earth citizens demands that we collectively do our part to slow down climate change, the signing of the Paris Climate Change Agreement is a start, but it doesn’t stop there, despite this, why are some countries missing? We are duty bound to do better as individuals, demand better governance from our elected officials and waste less. After all, whether we like it or not, we are all landlords of this planet and we should use it the same way we’d want a tenant to use our rented property; which is neatly used like their own, we should ask ourselves how we will like to be treated. We cannot afford to be ruled by hysteria, fueled by ignorance.


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