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A Quirky But Possible Future Solution to Global Warming By City Tech Blogger Jonathan Ornis

Here’s a  fun crazy idea on how to stop or slow down global warming. The idea can be categorized as science fiction but it’s not too far off from the technology we already harness. Also the English used will not be super formal, the lack of formality helps you imagine the end product. So let’s start with our problem. In the air we have this thing called carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide floats up the atmosphere. It then creates a type of blanket around the earth. Now we know the sun provides warmth to the earth which is fine but here is where the problem starts. The more carbon dioxide produced, the thicker the blanket is around earth, and the thicker the blanket, the warmer the earth will get. Even if we stopped all our production of carbon dioxide today we will still be in a little bit of trouble because carbon gases could last for 50 – 100 years.


This is where the quirky invention comes in. As most of us may know smoke detectors can sense an excess level of carbon dioxide in the air. What if we combined this feature with some sort of air filtration system? That is the first step. The second step would be to fit this carbon dioxide detectors with an air filter attachment to some sort of drone. The drone will head up to the areas were the carbon dioxide levels are high and filtering it out, in turn lessening the thick blanket and allowing more heat to escape the earth. I feel like in theory this idea is possible to achieve. I’m not a scientist but if there is a way to detect if carbon dioxide in the air then there should a way to create an air filter to collect the carbon dioxide. But it’s just a crazy, quirky, science fiction idea.

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