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What are Biggest Risks and Threats of Climate Change Facing the Country? Do these threats concern everyone? by City Tech Blogger Jean Alain Beaubrun

While some think Climate Change is a myth, scientists are concerned that Climate Change has an impact on heat waves, drought, floods, sea level rise, storms, and famine. Unfortunately, politics seems to ignore the threat of Climate Change regardless the findings of science. According to NASA, Climate Change is a change in Earth climate. This change can also happen in temperature, rain fall and snow fall of the Earth. More importantly, these type of change need to be measured over a very long period of time in order to conclude that the climate is changing. This period should be at least 30 years, but a longer period implies a stronger confirmation of the climate change. As mentioned before, Climate Change plays a leading factor in severe weather conditions. Storm is an example of consequence of Climate Change. Over centuries Scientists notice that carbon dioxide (CO2) has been increasing steadily. Carbon dioxide is also a good heat- trapping (greenhouse gas); therefore the Earth is warming up at a steady rate as well. A storm takes its strength from the temperature difference between ocean and upper atmosphere. A larger temperature difference induces a stronger storm according to Kerry Emanuel, a scientist from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This statement of scientist Kerry gain some support from others, as Dr. Camargo mentions” The theory has been reinforced by computer simulations that produce more intense storms with rising ocean temperatures. We understand the theory behind it, and we have seen it in the models”. Besides strengthening a storm, huge amount of water vapor carried by the storm can lead to more rain fall leading flooding. Below is a graph that shows measurement taken by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).



On the other side, some believe that Climate Change is not real and don’t feel the need to contribute in the fight against Climate Change. A great example of this controversy is the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. According to the United Nations the Paris Climate Agreement is convention that gathers all nations in a common goal which is the fight against climate change and alternatives to adapt to its consequences. This agreement consists of keeping the global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by providing the support necessary to developing countries. As noted, developing countries are usually the most vulnerable to Climate Change. Unfortunately the head of our government doesn’t believe in the findings of the scientists, but instead he aims at mocking the science of human-caused climate change. Additionally, he went further by cutting fund related that was set for developing countries to manage to climate change situation. Besides the American contribution to the international community, the President attempted to cut government funding related to climate change research. Fortunately Congress has opposed this attempt. The controversy of Climate Change in the government leads others personalities to point out their view. As Johan Rockstrӧm, the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany states, “You have this enormous discrepancy between the White House and, essentially, everyone else. The leadership in Washington is really moving against the whole agenda.” Cutting fund is not the only steps that the government takes. The President also encourages the use of coal which most scientists have opposition with. As Drew Shindell from Duke University states” This report makes it clear: There is no way to mitigate climate change without getting rid of coal.” The report mentioned by the scientist requires a reduction in coal use from 40 percent to 7 percent. The World Coal Association goes beyond by demanding the end to coal use.

With the government on power, the request by the World Coal Association seems to be a dream that has no chance of coming to the reality.  One example that could lead in coal reduction is a tax on carbon dioxide emission, but unfortunately the current United States government tends to proceed in the opposite direction. As Coral Davenport, writer from the New York Times states,” By comparison, under the Obama administration, government economists estimated that an appropriate price on carbon would be in the range of $50 per ton. Under Trump administration that figure was lowered to about $7 per ton.” It seems this administration is rolling back most primary efforts and regulations against climate change. All hope is not lost regarding the efforts that make it easier for Climate Change to get worst. The current United States government behavior has triggered a lot of motivation in the fight against Climate Change. As President Donald Trump declared his intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio issued an executive order inviting the most populated cities of the United States to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement. Furthermore, this action will be implemented by different means to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Also Former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has provided $4.5 million to the UN Climate Change Secretariat in order to fight Climate change. Definitely, the Trump administration has reinforced the motivation of several potential leaders to provide assistance in dealing with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, everyone who’s responsible need to bring their input to protect the environment.


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