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Global Warming: The Big Picture by City-Tech Blogger Huang Huang

Experts point out that the global warming climate change may not only threaten the ecology of the earth, but may also lead to an unprecedented human health crisis. Recently, scientists released a report on global warming. The report pointed out that no matter how much pollution testing people do, greenhouse gas emission are  still going on for centuries, and the end result is more deadly. Heat waves, devastating drought, sea level rise, strong storms, etc. In the past 100 years, the earth is facing a warming phenomenon. This phenomenon, apart from the changes in nature, is almost a phenomenon caused by human activities that cause a greenhouse effect. This is mainly due to the fact that humans are using fossil fuels in large quantities and emit large amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases. Warming phenomenon, in order to solve the problem of serious global warming, limiting the amount of greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, is currently the goal that the international community must work together. Global warming will cause an abnormal climate change. The impact on the environment will be considerable, including the melting of the Arctic ice, rising sea levels, abnormal droughts and heavy rains, and the expansion of desertification. Natural ecosystems Adaptability is limited and it is unable to adapt to large changes in the climate. Some of these systems are also subject to major harm. Natural ecosystems that are at risk include glaciers, coral reefs and coral islands, mangroves, frigid and tropical forests, and polar and alpine ecosystems. Climate change will increase the scope and number of certain species, but at the same time exterminate some of the more vulnerable species and cause a sharp decline in biodiversity. The extent of the damage or loss, and the number of affected ecosystems, will increase their vulnerability as the magnitude and frequency of climate change increase. The impact of carbon dioxide on the global warming phenomenon is due to human beings’ lack of respect for the environment, excessive use, waste, and ignorance of energy and resources, resulting in the phenomenon of unbalance due to the limited development and use of limited earth resources. Without harming the environment, we must take into account the balance between economic development and environmental protection in order to continue to meet the development needed for human survival, which will reduce the occurrence of global warming.

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