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A Warmer Earth has many Impacts by City-Tech Blogger Benny Lui

As the climate becomes warmer,  we will see an increase in the atmospheric moisture  bringing more rainfall to the interior. In the north of Africa, the middle part of Asia, and the central and western part of China, it will change from warm to dry and warm and wet. The Sahara in Africa will shrink, and China’s Gobi The beach will gradually be dressed in green. These places will become more suitable for human settlements. Second, global warming will make the global vegetation more luxuriant. The forest is enlarged, the grasslands are greener, and the trees grow faster. According to statistics, the occurrence of forest fires in California in recent years has exceeded that of any other period in history. The U.S. government at the same time found that one of the most important reasons for mountain fire is that plants on the hills grow too luxuriantly. When the winter comes, the dry monsoon Blowing can easily cause a fire. China’s forest coverage rate has also grown at a rapid rate in recent years. There are human factors and God’s help is an important reason. Warming makes crops grow more productive. As the “warm winter” slows down, the area of ​​land warms up, and the overwintering crop areas generally move northwards, the crops are well-distributed, and the yield is generally increased. In the past decade or so, global crop production has continued to increase, climate has warmed, natural disasters have been reduced, and abundant rainfall is the decisive factor. The grain crops of the world’s important grain-producing regions such as the United States, India and China have ensured a significant drop in the number of hungry people in the world. The harvest of crops and the high yield of pasture have increased the number of various livestock. Countries such as Australia, New Zealand and other countries on the back of the sheep actually plan to impose “fart tax” on cattle and sheep, because ruminants release a lot of methane (fart) pollution on the air.

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