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Weather Anomalies in NYC by City-Tech Blogger Huang Huang

Attached Photo Credit: Dean Meminger

Weather can be an uncertain sometimes but overall it’s patterns are predictable. What was totally unexpected was the snow this year in April 2018. New York isn’t the warmest city but it is surely not the coldest. The snow was a huge shock to everyone as it was not just a mere flurry but a couple inches high! It was enough of a surprise to have snow the month before, but for snow to happen as late as in April is absurd considering it went up to the 60s in Fahrenheit just days before! Below is a picture by Amanda Farinacci on April 2, 2018. She is located in Staten Island, and seems to be just as surprised as the rest of us.

As seen in the attached picture, it was supposed to be the right season for spring plants to start developing again. We see in this comparison photo by Dean Meminger, the plant that was bright green and filled with life withered and darkened in color with the sudden cold temperature. Even plants cannot stand the absurdness of this weather! “The #flowers are even saying enough is enough…” said Dean Meminger.  This is surely a Winter’s April fool.

The temperature change over the past few years has been significant as the seasons are completely out of place, and the weather patterns expected are out of season. We have also seen changes in the intensity of seasonal weather! Summer been getting hotter and the winter’s have felt colder. The summer temperature last year went up to 104°F and this recent winter got down to -9°F real feel. These climate changes are possibly the result of the increased amount of CO2 in the atmosphere causing global warming which sadly has resulted in perceived weather anomalies.

Photo Credit: Amanda Farinacci

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