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The Amazon Rainforest and the impact of Climate Change by City-Tech Blogger Jerry Camilien

One of the biggest tropical rainforests in the world is in a country called Brazil on the continent of South America. It is where the effects of climate change are evident on so many levels. Deforestation has been a big issue for the Amazon rainforest and many other forests across the world. This is not just done by human activities but by climate change as well. The recent droughts and abnormal high temperatures in the Amazon are a factor in the shrinking of the rainforest. The drought and other causes has killed millions of trees in the past decades. This also leads to the destruction of large areas of the Amazon that impacts the biosphere and the ecosystem of the rainforest in terms of the loss of animal and plant species. This also displaces the native tribes who live deep in the rainforest who depend on the rainforest for food and shelter. They are also experiencing changes from the climate and other external sources. To me personally the rainforests and forests across the world have been the lungs of the planet. They keep the atmosphere and the ecosystem stable. So as trees die and decompose, the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase, potentially speeding up climate change during droughts. One way to impact climate change is replanting trees in areas where tree loss is abundant during drought seasons. Dropping tons of buckets of water by plane frequently in those affected areas as if that hasn’t already been done. Major penalties to super polluters and deeper cuts in emissions will be required to stabilize for our climate.

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  1. An informative piece in regards to the rainforest found within Brazil.

    The rainforest is a sight to be seen and not just because of what it represents but because it brings so much life to those in it . From animals and people it has provided a way of life. The deforestation and the change in climate will soon lead the rainforest looking more like a savannah to the point where the problem will be ever harder to fix . Its also important to take notice that the hydrological engine in the rainforest is beginning to fail . Alongside deforestation this is resulting in a catastrophe . The removal of the forest has led to a change in the rainfall pattern and distribution, which is highly due to the fact that there is change in the regional climate. The rainforest is essential to the need of our life, for those in the forest, even to those in New York City; they help regulate climate and absorb carbon dioxide to reduce the effects of an imbalances system. When such forest is destroyed it releases the carbon dioxide, playing a key part in global warming .
    It is essential to take into account the effects of the deforestation of the rainforest and we should start a conversation as to how to manage this issue.

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