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Insects Are Also Threatened by Climate Change by City-Tech Blogger Jonathan Saldana

As the summer arrives insects also arrive, and as much as we might hate them, Insects are vital to most ecosystems. A widespread collapse of many ecosystems would cause damages extremely far reaching to life on our planet. Global warming is causing a major wipeout of insects where almost half of insects’ habitats will be unsuitable by the end of the century. Of special concern are pollinators like bees, who have been particularly affected, as are they plants they pollinate. Those plants in turn are heavily affected. Mammals and birds, which can more easily migrate as the climate changes, suffer less. As we all know insects are the most sensitive group and they are important to our ecosystems and the ecosystems cannot function without insects. They play an absolute critical role in the food chain system. According to an article “Climate change on track to cause major insect wipeout,” it states that if we were to lose that high proportion of our insects in our ecosystem it would be a major disruption to the ecosystem. Keeping in mind that that we as humans depend on the ecosystems functioning and pollination, fertile soils, clean water and more all depend on healthy ecosystem therefore, it should be a concern to us. The article also talks about this not being a concern to society yet but in the future climate change impact on insects will start accelerating. These expectorations are to be experience by 2100 unless action is taken

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2 Responses

  1. Interesting information! Insects, in fact, play such important role in nature’s ecosystem. When we think of climate change and endangered species, the most answer would be the polar bear. People often associate climate change to ice meltdown in the north pole. Small insects, as to many people. do not get an chance to be recognized. They too, are affected by the climate change and heading to endangered species. The impact of climate change showed such great impact, that not only the ecosystem is affected but also our lives. Insects such as bees are such a critical species where pollination solely depend on them. Without pollination on the flowers and trees, we lose a huge number of plants remaining. Bees, also provide us with honey. Due to the large decline on the population of bees, the production of honey has decreased. As we may see, the climate change showed such a big effect on insects.

  2. This is highly informative in regards to insect and climate change.

    Everything in the world living or non living plays a part in our world. Yes , I agree with you in the part where people will assume the worst of insects, but one should understand the role they play .
    Insects provide pollination, fertile soils, contribute to the ideal of clean water and they assure a healthy ecosystem . When habitats are affected by climate change the population of insects decline and there can be a major effect on our ecosystem . Climate change , habitat loss and certain farming methods contribute to insects’ decline and we must be aware that this can lead to an imbalance. They are essential creatures much like those bigger species we know. They aren’t the best in adjusting to climate change but go a long distance to make sure the ecosystem remains intact .

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