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India’s Future in Peril from Climate Change by City-Tech Blogger Aayush Madaan

With a population of a billion people, India will face major risks associated with climate change, from the emotional to the physical impacts, to increased sensitivity to extreme weather events, to the exposure to energy transition risks, and response ability. India has said climate change could cut agricultural incomes, particularly in unirrigated areas which would be hit the hardest by rising temperatures and the decline in rainfall. India is the home of millions of farmers, and nearly 2/3 of them will face difficulties especially those who are in areas with less irrigation. As temperatures rise near the Tibetan Plateau, it is causing the Himalayan glaciers to melt. The melted water will pour into Pakistan and will eventually casue flooding and the displacement of thousands of people. Unfortunately, the effects of climate change not only impact one’s physical health but mental health as well. A new study found a correlation between the effects of climate change and the increase in suicide rates of Indian farmers. Not only is this bad for their families, but it also affects the countries agricultural economy as well.  “The notion that (climate change) will increase the rates of self-harm in India is likely correct,” Stated in a Climate Central article said by Andrew Paul Gutierrez, a retired researcher in farmer suicides.

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