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Climate Change Impact on the Jet Streams by City-Tech Blogger Jerry Camilien

Jet streams are narrow bands of strong winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere. The winds blow from west to east in the jet streams and follow the boundaries between hot and cold air. The
polar jet stream usually forms a shape that pushes many northern weather to the south, and the southern weather to the north. Including the combination of the warming effect in the polar regions, that allows for many parts of the country to experience weather systems to be stronger and linger in many areas. Therefore the jet streams will bring more extreme weather due to climate change.
In the eastern part of the country the Polar vortex that come down from Canada have been descending deeper into the southern states bringing frigid temperatures or above average rainfall
etc. It also has the opposite effect where milder winters are much more common in the past decade. While in the western part of the country warmer and drier than average temperatures affecting agriculture sector and large forests etc. California governor Jerry Brown certainly seems to think climate change is a major factor in his state. The Santa Ana winds are to blame for this with winds that are both stronger and longer-lasting. These areas of low pressure along California’s coast with wind speeds that compresses and slams into Southern California. This contributes to the multiple forest fires state wide all year-round. According to the U.S. Global Change Research Program: “The number of incidents caused by extreme weather has increased tenfold since 1992”. One way to mitigate climate change is returning to the Paris climate change agreementttps://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/climatechange/. I stated this in another blog, I believe you need a collective effort among many nations to tackle this serious issue that affects the whole planet.




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