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Climate Change, Temperature Hikes & Hurricanes by City-Tech Blogger Christopher Barros

A major contribution to climate change is the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere which causes more heat to be trapped within the earth’s atmosphere and, in turn,  increases the earth’s mean temperature. This is a problem that has been noticed since the start of the industrial revolution. Needless to say this issue will be of great concern to many individuals for various reasons. The increase in temperature is at a rate of 0.20degrees celsius per decade.

We see a fluctuation in temperature everyday, and one degree is of no concern and it shouldn’t be as long as we are referring to the day-to-day weather changes. On the other hand we have the mean global temperature fluctuation –  and for this to change one degree takes an enormous amount of energy which is in fact worrisome since it contributes to the upward path of increasing the global temperature. Because of this increase of temperatures we know that more and more storms will be forming and potentially even bigger hurricanes will take place since they are driven by heat. An increase in heat will fuel hurricanes causing greater destruction and having a much more unpredictable path. Temperature is increasing for the time being at a constant rate. However if we prolong this increase and fail to intervene, the temperature will increase at a must faster rate.

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