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Climate Change in Hong Kong and its Impact by City-Tech Blogger Lok Ting Wong

In the recent years, the effects of climate change are getting worse. As an example, the weather in Hong Kong is becoming more and more unusual. Most of the people don’t realize how climate change damages our earth. First of all, I will talk about the main reasons causing climate change, and how it has damaged Hong Kong’s environment. Greenhouse gases are the main reason causing climate change. Most of the time, people use fossil fuels as a main energy supply, but it releases a lot of greenhouse gases. When people use energy in daily life, it means more and more greenhouse gas are released in the air. Therefore, people should pay close attention to how much they use electric appliances and to just turn it off in order to save more energy, which will help the environment improve. Hong Kong as an international city with a population of around eight million people, but the geographical area of Hong Kong is not really that big. Therefore, when they want more places to develop in the city, they need to do deforestation, which releases a large amount of greenhouse gases, allowing more heat to remain in the lower atmosphere and affecting Hong Kong’s climate.


Most of the weather reports shows weather in Hong Kong is becoming more and more unusual and more extreme. Based on the data from the Hong Kong Observatory, extreme weather events have become more frequent. As the data shows above, we can see the rainfall record between 1886 to present. We can also see the large differences between the past and now. According to this data, we know the rainfall is increasing year by year.  This has never happened before. Therefore, I think this is a signal for warning people to take care Hong Kong’s environment. If people don’t realize the full extent of the problem they have,  extreme weather will never stop and keep getting stronger.



The graph above, “Changes in the annual number of hot nights, very hot days and cold days in Hong Kong.” Here we can compare the period between 1885-1914 and 1988-2017.  According to the graph, we can see that the number of hot nights and hot days during 1885-1914 were much less that those during 1988-2017. The number of cold days between the years 1885-1914 were much more that those during 1988-2017. The data means the temperature of Hong Kong keeps increasing because of climate change. In conclusion, more and more extreme weather is taking place, but it will not stop if people don’t change their daily habits. Therefore, most of the Hong Kong people should be take action to thwart off the impacts of climate change.




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