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Environmental Pollution Impacts on Climate Change by City-Tech Blogger Jerry Camilien

The environmental pollution just from toxic gases alone has been affecting major cities and rural towns across the United States – especially towns that have power plant facilities which will not only influence the  effects of climate change now, but for the decades to come. What I discovered about these toxic substances are one by one from reports by the Environmental Protection Agency they are not exactly healthy. Here are just some that are on the list: CO2, methane, sulfur dioxide, mercury, benzene and greenhouse gases. Millions of tons of toxic substances have been disbursed into the atmosphere for decades contribute to the greenhouse effect. Some of these air toxins are considered to be carcinogens by the U.S. Department of Health. These toxic emissions have a negative impact on public health and environmental quality as well.

Recently I had taken weekend trips down south on the interstate 95 or across the country on interstate 80.I noticed these power plants spewing millions of toxins into the atmosphere frequently. As far as the local residents who live within miles of these facilities hav experienced health issues due to the poor air quality. Then there are agriculture farmers who plant their crops having to find ashes on them and these toxic substances getting into the soil and water. The effects of erratic climate change also increased drought for farmers crops in areas that used to have fertile soil in many regions across the U.S.   One of the ways to mitigate the impact of climate change is with the federal enforcement of EPA’s clean power plan. It would require reductions in climate-altering greenhouse-gas pollution from electric utilities to reduce emissions of dangerous metals and acid gases from these power plants. Also, regarding technological solutions as an alternative I would like to see the increase in wind development projects instead of the burning of fossil fuels. This is not just local issue but a world-wide one we have to use cleaner energy.

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